Nithyananda Case: Father Of Victims Shares His Ordeal, Exposes How Ashram Duped People

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Speaking exclusively to Republic TV, Janardhana Sharma- the petitioner in the kidnapping case against self-styled godman Swami Nithyananda shared his ordeal.

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Speaking exclusively to Republic TV, Janardhana Sharma- the petitioner in the kidnapping case against self-styled godman Swami Nithyananda shared his ordeal. While mentioning that he had faith in the judicial system, he revealed that Nithyananda had the power to control the mind. He alleged that the godman was controlling the minds of his daughters and indulging in character assassination. Earlier, the Gujarat High Court called for Sharma’s two minor daughters allegedly kidnapped by Nithyananda to be produced before it by November 26.  

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Janardhana Sharma said, “Yeah actually I have the confidence in the police and the judicial system. There is no doubt about that. But I also know that the so-called godman Swami Nithyananda is having a different kind of technique, different kind of mind control power syndrome. He can control the mind. And this is actually something different. If he is able to control the mind of my daughters with whom you can see their faces. We are such a loveable family. Our kids are poured with love and compassion. And they cannot talk against me even if someone is telling them to talk. But here, Swami is controlling their mind, writing the scripture and telling them to do whatever allegation he is telling. He is thinking that the moment I do character assassination, I will run away. Now, he is actually controlling my daughter’s mind and creating a lot of problems.” 

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'They have started torturing my daughters'

Sharma also observed that his daughters were being tortured. Noting that he was not allowed to meet them, he claimed that he was asked to sign various papers by the Ashram authorities. Moreover, he exposed how Nithyananda duped people in giving money, land or flats worth crores of rupees.  

Sharma remarked, “He can go to any extent. They have started torturing my daughters. After going to meet them, they have not been allowed to meet but given papers to me for signing. But still, I signed it. I fell at the feet of many people. I just wanted to see their face.” Exposing Nithyananda, he added, “First thing is that he will control the mind of people. When I had gone to him, I don’t know what happened to me. I resigned from my job and I was with him. And secondly, the way he attracts the people, he will ensure that whatever he wants, he will make them do it. For example, my daughters-whatever the age- 7 years to 18 years, they are there in the Gurukul. You will be shocked. Their target- the kids have to travel to meet celebrities and tell them that they have the Shaktis, which I have also gone along with them. Our target is that somehow, we have to collect the donation up to the tune of Rs.2 crore, 5 crore, 8 crore or take land or flat or something like that.” 

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'We have lodged an FIR'

Pritesh Shah, the lawyer of Sharma also spoke to Republic TV. He noted that the FIR had been registered in Ahmedabad on the basis of information provided by Sharma’s two minor kids who were released from the ashram. Furthermore, he stated that the Child Welfare Committee of Gujarat had entered the ashram to rescue other minor children.  

Shah opined, “I have studied the entire case actually. When the two minor kids of Janardhan Sharma were handed over by the Ashram, they described what was happening inside the Ashram with them. Upon the information provided by those kids, we have lodged an FIR at the Vivekananda police station in Ahmedabad. The Child Welfare Committee of the Gujarat state has entered into the ashram and has tried to rescue the other minor kids over there. The police has arrested two sadhvis. The trial court has granted 5 days remand to them.” 

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