NSA Ajit Doval Slams Pak-funded Terror: 'FATF Is Its Biggest Pressure'

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Exposing Pakistan's open funding of terrorism, National Security Adviser (NSA) Ajit Doval, on Monday, said that the biggest pressure faced by Pakistan is FATF

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Exposing Pakistan's open funding of terrorism, National Security Adviser (NSA) Ajit Doval, on Monday, said that the biggest pressure faced by Pakistan is by the FATF while addressing at National Investigation Agency (NIA)'s national conference of Chiefs of Anti-Terrorism Squad/Special Task Force in Delhi. He directed the chiefs to collect proper evidence against Pakistan to put up in international forums. He said that only they could access and understand the evidence. He also emphasized the need for putting up evidence which will stand the scrutiny of law.

'FATF - Pak's biggest pressure': Doval

"The biggest pressure faced by Pakistan is by FATF for funding terror. If you (ATS members) could collect proper evidence which can be put up in international forums, against Pakistan... Everyone knows that Pakistan is supporting and funding terrorism. But in these forums, it is the evidence that is required. Only you have access to it and understand it. Only you can find evidence which can the scrutiny of law," he said.

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'Release arrested Pakistani's names to media'

Doval also stated that it was the duty of the various anti-terror agencies to put up evidence in the right forums. He added that one must never destroy evidence as it would be relevant in the national or international stage. He also encouraged anti-terror agencies to give media names of arrested Pakistanis. He said if not done, it would aid Pakistan.

"It is our duty to put up facts at the right time at the right forum. Depend on the facts, put them in the right format, do not destroy them - nationally and internationally. If we claim Pakistan is sponsoring terrorism, where is the evidence? Similarly in perception management, so many Pakistanis have been arrested. There is no harm in giving their identities, their plans to the media. Let the world know about it. Keeping them in a straight jacket will only benefit Pakistan," he added.

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Pakistan faces FATF

Pakistan currently faces FATF's scrutiny as its delegation presents a compliance report in France. The FATF had given the country four months to improve 'counter-terrorist financing'. The FATF had also said Pakistan failed to complete its plans. “Not only did Pakistan fail to complete its action plan items by January deadline; it also failed to complete its action plan items due May 2019”. Pakistan was told to implement a 27- point action plan to block financial loopholes, terror financing and money laundering in the country. The FATF also placed Pakistan on Grey List in June 2018.

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 In August 2019, the Asia Pacific Joint Group (APJG) placed Pakistan in the enhanced follow up list for failure to meet the standards. The list was based on technical compliance and rated 'satisfactory' on meeting 10 points out of the 40. Depending on FATF's decision, Pakistan may or may not join the blacklist with Iran and North Korea. Meanwhile, US has urged Pakistan to prevent militant groups from operating on its soil and prosecute top Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) operatives along with its leader Hafiz Saeed.

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