#MeToo : Author Suhel Seth Gets Accused Of Sexual Harassment By Five Women

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Author Suhel Seth has been accused of sexual misconduct by filmmaker and entrepreneur Natashja Rathore, by journalist Mandakini Gahlot, and writer Ishita Yadav. He has also been accused by an unknown minor

Written By Athulya Nambiar | Mumbai | Updated On:
Source: Twitter

The #MeToo movement in India, that has given women the courage to speak up against and point out at their sexual perpetrators has revealed names of some popular faces involved in sexual harassment. Film actors, directors, producers, journalists, authors and many more have been exposed in the #MeToo storm. Among them is author and managing partner of consultancy firm Counselage India,Suhel Seth, who has been accused by five women including a minor of sexual harassment.

Here are all the allegations made against him until now: 

Allegation 1:

Filmmaker Natashja Rathore was among the first to open up about her encounter with Suhel Seth that ended in sexual harassment. She posted screenshots of what happened with her, while she was narrating(rather reminding) to him of what happened. Narrating the incident, she wrote that she was told by her boss to get Suhel Seth to tweet. She met him and he offered her o have ice cream with him at Janpath in Delhi. Initially she declined but later agreed, thinking that her work assignment will be done. However, Seth took her to hisapartment instead. "I came up to your place not because I wanted to- but because in that moment I really didn't know what to do - making a scene and walking out on my own in the middle of the night in an unknown place in Gurgaon was at that point probably more dangerous than being alone in your den with you."


He later shoved his throat down her throat even after resistance. She alleged that he even put his hand into her kurta, grabbing her breast. 

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Allegation 2 :

Journalist Mandakini Gahlot in a series of tweet narrated how Suhel Seth misbehaved with her. She sarted off saying that she was not surprised to see Suhel Seth's name in the #MeToo storm. She wrote that she first met him in July 2011 in Goa at a conference. She recalled that in between conersation he would keep telling her to come to his "cottage suit". she denied the invitation and when she was about to leave he reached out to her and "planted a big sloppy kiss on her mouth." She wrote, "I felt his tongue inside my mouth."

She said that everyone present including Suhel started laughing and he left from there wuth tears. 

 Allegation 3:

In another account accusing Seth of inappropriate behaviour, writer Ishita Yadav too narrated what happened with her in 2009 at the age of 24. She said that suhel had added her on Facebook in 2009 and in between their converstation he asked her to come to his house for a drink. She was not aware of predatory nature and did not mull over it. "But then he started messaging me things like-"you will not get your car, I will have you picked up from your house and dropped back," "have a bath and brush your teeth before you come over,"etc and it became clear I obviously wasn''t being called over for a conversation," she wrote. She later blocked him. 

Allegation 4 

Writer Anisha Sharma shared her conversation with an anonymous 17-year-old who accused Suhel Seth of repeatedly harassing her by asking out for drinks. 

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Allegation 5 :

Recently, author Ira Trivedi called out at Suhel Seth and Chetan Bhagat. She narrated her ordeal in an article she wrote for an online news portal. She said that Seth would ask her bra size and tell her that she should not wear a bra. Another time he asked her if she had waxed her legs or not, and once at another literature festival under the effect of alcohol, he made several throwaway comments about her “sexy yoga poses” on TV. 

She further wrote, "Intoxicated, Suhel also became too familiar with me and other women – putting his arms around our waists at parties, holding us a second longer than necessary after a self-imposed hug, planting one on our cheeks or lips when you least expected it. Over time his leering smile, his ribald jokes, the lewd confidence in his voice and step made my stomach churn."

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