Nusrat Jahan Has Exercised Her Liberty, Says Meghalaya Governor

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Meghalaya Governor Tathagata Roy said that Nusrat Jahan has the freedom to do what she wants and has exercised her individual liberty after going to a pandal

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All India Trinamool Congress leader and MP Nusrat Jahan was criticized after she visited a Durga Pujo pandal and was also seen play the dhaak. Meghalaya Governor Tathagata Roy defended Jahan saying that she has the right to exercise her liberty and that's what she did. He added that she should not be subject to any kind of hate because of any personal decisions.

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'Secular' pandal comes under fire

Jahan was criticized by hardliners for not respecting her religion and indulging in activities of other religions. Addressing the media at the event, she said that she would not worry about anything and continue following her own path when it comes to religion.

Later, a Durga Pujo pandal came under criticism because it played Azaan (Muslim call for prayer) at the Pandal. An FIR was filed against the pandal, which was themed 'secular'. Meghalaya Governor Tathagata Roy, later tweeted on the responses registered after each event. Roy, while speaking to Republic TV said that "Nusrat Jahan has exercised her individual liberty without clamping on anyone else's rights. She has not caused anyone else any trouble so nobody has a right to object to what she is doing. Secondly, the reason for my tweet was not an objection to the Durga Puja pandal, my objection is to the difference in response from the 'secular lobby'."

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Multiple criticisms

A Muslim cleric said, "Nusrat Jahan offering prayers is nothing new. She has offered prayers in the past as well. Even this time, she has offered prayers to Durga. But Islam says that besides Allah, offering prayers to anyone else, paying obeisance before anyone else is not allowed, it is 'haraam'. She has done a forbidden act. She should absolutely change her name. Because she doesn't follow Islam anymore now. She has been taking part in rituals and she married someone from another religion. So she should change her name. Islam doesn't need people who have a Muslim name, and go on on to defame both Islam and Muslims."

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Jahan has been routinely targetted since she was elected as an MP in May. Earlier, she was criticized for her marriage with her boyfriend Nikhil Jain in Turkey. On another occasion, she was criticised by clerics when she took her oath in the Parliament since she was wearing a sindoor and bangles. Later, she also attended a Jagannath Rath Yatra at ISKCON temple in Kolkata, which once again made hardliner Muslim clerics angry. 

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