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Odd-Even: Delhi Auto Drivers Welcome Move Implemented By Kejriwal

Written By Pritesh Kamath | Mumbai | Published:


  • Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal announced the re-introduction of Odd-Even formula among the seven action plans in a bid to control the air pollution
  • Delhi auto drivers welcome the move, stating that it will reduce the traffic congestion in turn reducing air pollution

Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal announced the re-introduction of Odd-Even formula among the seven-action plan in a bid to control the pollution problem of Delhi. After the announcement of the scheme, Republic TV asked rickshaw drivers about their opinion on the move and found that the drivers are welcoming the move. They believe it will reduce the traffic on Delhi roads which is a major reason for the increase in air pollution among other factors. So, less traffic on the roads will help to curb air pollution and will also lead to smoother transit.

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Odd-Even 3.0

Kejriwal has also brought back the Odd-Even scheme that will be imposed between November 4 to 15. "If you enforce Odd-Even for a long time, the implementation becomes troublesome. As of now, Odd-Even will only be restricted to this time frame," said Kejriwal. Emergency vehicles will not be subject to this, he added. The Chief Minister also said that this year, restrictions will be enforced on private cars whereas women drivers will be exempted and the scheme will not be imposed on the weekends. 

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Odd-Even Origins

The odd-even scheme of the Delhi government was first introduced in January 2016 and reimplemented in April 2016. In January 2016, the odd-even scheme was implemented from January 1 to 15 and a penalty of Rs 2,000 was imposed for the violation of the scheme. It was reimplemented in April again from 15 till 30.

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Delhi Government's Air Pollution Solution

Delhi, the capital of India, is also known for its alarming pollution levels with November, December and January being the most affected months of the year. In a bid to tackle the problem of city’s pollution, Delhi government has come up with seven-point action plan which includes distribution of masks, mechanized sweeping of roads, tree plantation, water sprinkling for dust settlement and special plans for 12 pollution hot spots in the city. 

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