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Odisha Truck Driver Fined Rs 1000 For Driving Without Helmet; Shocked Netizens React

An Odisha truck driver was fined Rs 1000 for driving without a helmet a few weeks ago. Netizens were in shock on hearing the news and reacted humourously

Odisha truck driver fined Rs 1000 for driving without helmet; shocked netizens react

While talk on fines and punishment has become more commonly used words due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the authorities cracking down on violation of its rules, traffic violations are usually the common one for citizens. A common offence that attracts punishment is riding a motorcycle without a helmet. However, in an unusual instance, a truck driver was fined for driving the vehicle without a helmet. 

Truck driver fined for helmet offence

As per ANI, the incident took place in Odisha. The man named Pramod Kumar Swain was at the receiving end of the rare punishment. A fine of Rs 1000 was imposed on him by the authorities in Ganjam district. The challan of the traffic offence confirmed this development.  

While the challan was issued by the authorities on December 24 last year, the truck driver made the payment on March 12 and the receipt was issued recently.

Many of them thought that he might have been a truck driver, but the offence might have been committed on a motorcycle. However, the number plate on the truck was the same one mentioned in the challan.

Netizens were in shock on reading the news and had some interesting reactions. Some wrote that ‘it was India, anything is possible’, while others called it ‘kalyug.’

Many of them even made memes on it, one being of Paresh Rawal’s characters in Hera Pheri and Uri: The Surgical Stirke. 


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