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Omar Abdullah Asks Netizens To 'spot The Difference', Twitterverse Tells It Like It Is

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:

A quite wonderful photo that Omar Abdullah had posted of his home in Jammu and Kashmir has now been repackaged by the former state Chief Minister as somewhat of a challenge for netizens and is drawing a reasonable amount of attention on social media.

Taking to Twitter, Abdullah has shared a pair of pictures of his winter wonderland house, snow-covered as it is in the J&K winter. One of the pictures is the same that he had tweeted earlier, which had completely captured the imagination of Telangana minister KTR. Replying to that photo, KTR had said that if there were such a thing as a wish-granting factory, he'd have a house somewhere there as well. In response, Omar Abdullah graciously invited KTR over to stay as long as he'd like and received a positive response.

In Friday's post, the second picture shared by Omar Abdullah is also from the same vantage point and is just as pretty, though there are subtle differences - something that Omar Abdullah would like residents of the Twitterverse to spot! The new picture has been clicked by his sister Safia.

People have taken this challenge up with some amount of zeal, with the odd political point thrown in here and there:

One person thinks that Omar Abdullah's photo has less snow in it than his sister's, and he attributes this to heat from the sole light that is illuminating the yard.

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One person says that the only difference was an object in the yard, which has been identified with some amount of consensus to be a ball:

Others have remarked on the lighting, making a point about electricity and development: