"On Brink Of Losing Voice", Navjot Sidhu Heads To Undisclosed Location Even As Aide Mithu Is Indicted In Amritsar Train Massacre

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Hours after a magistrate inquiry indicted Sourab Mithu Madan n the Amritsar tain tragedy, Navjot Singh Sidhu has 'gone to an undisclosed location owing to health issues'.

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Hours after a magistrate inquiry indicted Sourab Mithu Madan in the Amritsar train tragedy, a close aide of Navjot Singh Sidhu has 'gone to an undisclosed location owing to health issues'.

The Congress leader has issued a press release stating:

'Sidhu was on an intensive 17-day election campaign, wherein he addressed more then 70 back to back public meetings, the exhaustive schedule has injured his vocal cords. The doctors tell him that he was on the brink of losing his voice and have suggested a complete 3 to 5 day rest. 

The continuous helicopter and plane travel has been detrimental to his health because of him being on embolism treatment, he had suffered a DVT due excess air travel some years ago. He has undergone a series of haematology (blood) tests which require sincere evaluation. He has gone to an undisclosed location for a complete check up and recovery. He is being administered specialised medication, along with breathing exercises and physiotherapy.

Madan, whose mother is a Congress councillor, is a close aide of the Navjot Singh Sidhu and his wife Navjot Kaur Sidhu.

Earlier in the day, Punjab minister Navjot Singh Sidhu and his wife Navjot Kaur Sidhu were given a clean chit in a magistrate inquiry in the Amritsar train tragedy. 

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Sourab Mithu Madan, had organised the Dussehra event where the unfortunate incident took place. His wife, Navjot Kaur Sidhu, a former legislator, was the chief guest at the Dussehra event.

The report places responsibility on Sourab Mithu Madan, who is the president of Dussehra Committee (East) and son of a Congress councillor, stating that he should have ensured safety of the people as he had chosen the venue.


In the aftermath of the train accident in Amritsar, investigations revealed that the function was held at that location without getting proper permissions from the state and local authorities. While accepting there was negligence on all ends, Sidhu, a day after the incident, stated that it wasn't intentional.

"No one has done this on purpose. It was negligence and when I say negligence, many would have still not understood their responsibility. But no one intended to do it. It was no one's motive. And the other thing is that many times, man feels helpless in front of god's will. This is an accident. No one has done anything on purpose. So don't level wrong allegations, don't play politics over it."

In a shocker, the people who died in the horrific Amritsar train massacre on October 19 have been blamed as the reason for the disaster.

As per sources, the Chief Commissioner of Railway Safety (CCRS), which is charged with conducting probes into all railway accidents, had concluded in its inquiry that the reason for the accident is 'the negligence of persons reportedly standing on and near the railway tracks witnessing the Dussehra Mela'.

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