Owaisi Slams 'illiterate' Trump On 'Father Of India', Agrees On Elvis

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Asaduddin Owaisi disdaining Trump's claim of PM Modi being the 'Father of India,' called the US President an illiterate, meanwhile agreed on 'Elvis' remark

Written By Aishwaria Sonavane | Mumbai | Updated On:

Asaduddin Owaisi disdaining Donald Trump's comment of PM Modi being the 'Father of India,' called the US President to be ill-informed about India. The AIMIM chief further slighting Trump said that he knows 'nothing about Gandhi or the world' for equating the Prime Minister with Mahatma Gandhi. 

Gandhi earned the title through his 'sacrifice, kindness and love,' stated Owaisi, while asserting that even the big wigs of Indian politics like Jawaharlal Nehru and Sardar Patel were never given the title. 

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Owaisi said, "He is not literate, and neither does he know anything about India. He does know nothing about Gandhi or the world. If he knew, then he would not indulge in such fake promises. Gandhi got the title of 'Father of India' because he earned it. People saw his sacrifice, kindness, love and he earned it. Titles like these can't be given to someone, they are earned. Pandit Nehru and Sardar Patel are giants of Indian politics, even they were never called the fathers of the nation."

Meanwhile, agreeing with the 'Elvis Presley' title, Owaisi said that similar to the American singer, PM Modi is capable of gathering a huge crowd with his speeches. 

Owaisi said, "He was called Elvis Presley, that can be true because what I've read about him is that he was a great singer and he gathered a crowd. Even our Prime Minister gives nice speeches and gathers a crowd. But father of nation is nowhere true."

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'Father of India'

During the bilateral meet between India and the United States, Donald Trump giving PM Modi the title of 'Father of India' said that he 'brought India together.'

He said, "He is a great gentleman and great leader.. I remember India before was very torn, a lot of dissension, a lot of fighting, and he brought it together, like a father would bring it together; and maybe he is the Father of India." "We'll call him the Father of India, if it's not so bad, but he brought things together, you don't hear that (dissensions) anymore. I think he's done a fantastic job," Trump added. 

Showering praises for PM Modi, Trump even compared him to crowd-puller and sensational American singer Elvis Presley. "That was like Elvis Presley, he was like an American version of Elvis, like an all American Elvis came back. It was quite something, and they really loved the PM, and it was a great thing," Trump said.

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