Pakistan Claiming Support Of 60 Countries, UNHRC Has 47: MEA India

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MEA spokesperson Raveesh Kumar addressed a press briefing & reiterated India's stand at the UNHRC, taking down Pakistan's false and fabricated narrative on J&K

Written By Monica Aggarwal | Mumbai | Updated On:

MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) spokesperson Raveesh Kumar addressed a press briefing on Thursday and reiterated India's stand at the UNHRC (United Nations Human Rights Council) on Pakistan's false claims on J&K. Responding to questions on India's statement at the UNHRC in Geneva on Tuesday, MEA Spokesperson said that India responded to Pakistan's lies and distorted claims using the right to reply at the session. 

"At the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), our delegation put forth our stand. We responded to Pakistan's lies & distorted statement using the right to reply," Raveesh Kumar said. 

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Pakistan "epicenter of terrorism" 

Asserting that Pakistan's attempts to politicise J&K issue, the MEA Spokesperson added that the global community understands the role of Pakistan in propagating and supporting terror on its soil. He called Pakistan "epicenter of terrorism", adding that is quite audacious of the neighbouring country to pretend to be the voice of the global community on human rights. 

"Pakistan's attempt to polarise and politicise has been rejected. The global community is aware of Pakistan's role in aiding and supporting terrorist infrastructure that they have in their country. It is quite audacious on part of Pakistan, which is the epicenter of terrorism, is pretending to speak on behalf of the global community on human rights. This is very rich. They need to understand repeating a lie doesn't turn it into gospel truth, which came out during the session. There is a broad understanding of our position in the international community. It is quite a desperate situation for Pakistan as they claim to speak on behalf of the global community on human rights," the MEA spokesperson added. 

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MEA spokesperson Raveesh Kumar also asserted that the UNHRC council is aware of India's position on Article 370 and the steps being taken to ensure normalcy in J&K. He further took a jibe at Pakistan for claiming to have the support of 60 countries on their claims while the UNHRC has only 47 countries including India and Pakistan.

"The members of the Human Rights Council are aware of our position on Article 370 and they are also aware of the steps that we have taken to ensure normalcy in J&K. The list of countries that support Pakistan, one must ask them to provide. At the UNHRC council, there are 47 countries including India and Pakistan, and they are claiming support of 60. It means that either they have gone beyond the international community," he added. 

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India at UNHRC

On Tuesday, India gave a thunderous reply to Pakistan's false narrative and its interference in the internal matters of India over the recent developments in Jammu and Kashmir. Speaking at the session, first Secretary MEA Vimarsh Aryan set the record straight in his statement that J&K remains an internal matter of India, adding that Pakistan is raising false fabricated narrative on the matter. 

"Pakistan has pretended to speak as a voice of the global community on human rights, but the world cannot be fooled. Pakistan's record speaks for itself. This rhetoric will not distract international attention from Pakistan's persecution and elimination of religious and ethnic minorities," Vimarsh Aryan had said.

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