Pakistan Minister Threatens With 'adha-pao' Nukes, MoS Retorts

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As Pakistan Railway minister Sheikh Rasheed on Sunday warned India of the '250 grams and 500 gram bombs' possessed by his country, India calls him out

Written By Navashree Nandini | Mumbai | Updated On:

As Pakistan Railway minister Sheikh Rasheed on Sunday warned India of the '250 grams and 500 gram bombs' possessed by his country, India calls him out for his ludicrous claim. Minister of State for Prime Minister's Office Jitendra Singh took to Twitter on Monday and said that it seems the Pakistan Minister is talking about milk or curd that it is available in 250 grams or 500 grams.

Delivering a speech on Sunday in Pakistan, the minister who is now well known for the electric shock he got on uttering Prime Minister Modi's name, said that they can use 1 inch or half a inch of their atomic bomb against India as needed. "India should remember, we have 250 gram to 500 gram bomb. I am warning India from Baba Guru Nanak's station that we have 250 gram to 500 gram of atomic bomb. We know we just need to use an inch of it, half an inch of it, 3/4th inch or 2 inch of it", he declared. 

Pakistan minister gets electric shock the moment he says 'Modi'

Pakistan minister gets electric shock on saying 'Modi'

As Imran Khan staged a so-called 'solidarity protest' under the name of Kashmir hour against the alleged atrocity inflicted on the people of Kashmir on Friday, his ministers got shock because of Modi's name, quite literally. Pakistan y announced that to show solidarity to Kashmir people all across the country will stop their work from 12- 12:30 and stand up literally. To ensure that people actually stop their work, several roads in various cities were blocked. Many of Pakistan's ministers held protest and spoke against Prime Minister Modi's administration. Among them was Minister of Railways of Pakistan Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad who literally got electric shock as soon as he began criticising Modi. The leader in utter embarrassment says that Modi sent shock but we will not stop the protest even as the crowd breaks into uncontrollable laughter.

Pak neta who got a shock on saying 'Modi' claims 'India wants me dead'

Pakistan minister known for his ludicrous speeches

Following the incident the video went viral on Internet and the minister on Friday accused India of electrocuting him and wanting him to die. While speaking at a press conference on Saturday, Sheikh Rashid said, "India wants me to die. Let India know that I won't die that easy." Earlier on August 28, Sheikh Rasheed had predicted that India and Pakistan would go on a full-blown war in either October or November. On August 23, Sheikh Rasheed was pelted with eggs and was allegedly punched for using "abusive language" against Pakistan Opposition leader Bilawal Bhutto Zardari in London. He even added that both Samjhauta Express and Thar Express trains were shut down in order to express solidarity with the people of Kashmir.

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