Pakistan MLA Flees To India, Sirsa Tells Imran Khan 'stop Conversions'

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Majinder Sirsa has said that Imran Khan needs to take decisive action against the forced conversion in Pakistan and the religious atrocities on minorities

Written By Devarshi mankad | Mumbai | Updated On:

Shiromani Akali Dal member, Manjinder Singh Sirsa, has said that there has been a continuous rise in the crimes against minorities in Pakistan. He further added that it was high time that the Pakistani Prime Minister, Imran Khan, took stock of the situation and acted against religion-based conversion. The comments came on the heels of former Pakistan MLA Baldev Singh seeking permanent political asylum in India citing crimes against minorities. 

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Sirsa's take on Kumar seeking asylum 

Majinder Singh Sirsa has said, "When we used to raise the issue, then he used to get a byte from Pakistan Gurudwara committee that we are lying. Now what Baldev Kumar is saying is true and he is his own party's MLA."

Furthermore Sisra added, "The big thing is that he has come here with his family. His kid, Tehsemia is ill and is suffering, and he believes that the Sikh-Hindus who stay in Pakistan are being tortured."

Majinder Singh also raised the issue of forced conversion taking place not only in Pakistan but also internationally. He referred to a report based on a survey conducted by Birmingham University in the United Kingdom. Quoting the report, Singh said, "more than 1000 girls are being forced to convert there". He also said that the country's (Pakistan) Prime Minister needed to take a stand on the issue, including making a public statement stating that while he was PM, he would not let any of this happen and will work towards rectifying the events that have already taken place.

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Baldev Singh Kumar seeks asylum

Baldev Singh Kumar is married to an Indian woman and is currently on a three-month visa in India. He has already moved his wife and two children to Ludhiana, at a relative's house. He is now seeking permanent political asylum in India. His wife and the children moved to India in March and are living here since then. His daughter is a thalassemia patient.

Kumar has said that he was forced out of the country because of the crimes against religious minorities. He was a member of Pakistan's Tehreek-i-Insaf political party, which is also the party lead by Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan. He fought on a PTINticket from Swat and has been repeatedly claiming that minorities are at great risk in Pakistan.

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