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Pakistan, WATCH This: India's BM-21 Rocket Launchers Rain Fire In Thunderous Display

Showcasing the country's military prowess, video footage of the Indian Army testing the BM-21 grad battery in Nasik's Deolali was accessed. 

Showcasing the country's military prowess, video footage of the Indian Army firing the BM-21 Grad battery in Nasik's Deolali has been accessed. 

The powerful battery of six launchers holds the capability to fire 40 tubes, 240 rockets within 60 seconds. 

In a thunderous display of the country's military power in a biyearly practice, the six launchers could be seen firing multiple tubes within seconds in the visuals. 

The firing of the BM-21 Grad was held at Deolali's artillery range and is a twice-a-year exercise as per sources. 

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What is BM-21? 

A Russian made artillery, the BM-21 Grad multiple rocket launcher, has a firing range of 20-45 kilometers and a caliber of 122 mm. 

The machinery weighs 12.71 T and has space for 3 people. 

The launcher and its variants are used by several countries including Russia, Iran, Vietnam, Qatar and more.

The India-Russia bilateral ties, specifically defence related have been extremely strong. India is the second largest market for the Russian defence industry. 

India on Wednesday made it clear to the USA that Delhi will give priority to its national interests and honour many bilateral relationships such as its strong defence ties with Russia even as Indian foreign minister S Jaishankar and visiting secretary of state Mike Pompeo agreed to harmonise differences over S-400 missile defence system from Moscow. 

“We will do what is in our national interest. We have many relationships and some have history,” Jaishnakar said in response to a query on India-Russia deal on S-400 systems and US threat of sanctions under CAATSA. 

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India and Russia signed a USD 5 billion S-400 air defence system deal in October last year. 

India on Friday said its decision to purchase S-400 missile defence system from Russia did not figure during the talks between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump though they discussed ways to step up the bilateral military cooperation.

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