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Patients Being Treated On Floor Due To Lack Of Beds In Rampur Hospital

Written By Asia News International | Mumbai | Published:

Patients were being treated on the floor at Rampur District Hospital due to lack of proper bed facilities.

They (patients) were seen lying on the floor with drips on their hands, while the drip bottles were seen hung on the windows.

A doctor on duty said that there had been a sudden increase in the number of patients, which led to the non-availability of beds in the hospital.

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"3-4 people are sleeping on a single bed due to lack of sufficient beds in the hospital," said patient Mohammad Samir Ahmed. 

Other patients present in the hospital also complained about the same issue.

"Some patients insist on being admitted, so the number of patients at the hospital has increased. We will investigate the matter," said Chief Medical Officer BS Nagar. 

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Earlier, unique Sangeeta Memorial Hospital situated in the Pink City is now diagnosing patients with the help of astrology. Doctors here said that using astrology in medical science is not only helping them to detect the disease but is also providing required psychological counseling to the patients.

This Astro-Medical Hospital is situated in the Jaipur's Vaishali Nagar area.

"Here we are trying to incorporate astrology into medical sciences. It surely helps us to detect the disease among the patients. In Indian culture, astrology holds a lot of importance. We have one astrologer here Pandit Akhilesh Sharma. When a patient comes, he is subjected to astrological evaluation & astrological diagnosis. The medical & astrological diagnoses are then compared. Treatment is done with advanced technology but we take the help of astrology for diagnosis. Patients are satisfied, " said Dr Mahesh Kulkarni, Surgeon.