PK Sehgal: "Human Rights Violations Taking Place In PoK, Not Kashmir"

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PK Sehgal on Monday said that serious human rights violations are taking place in Pakistan occupied Kashmir and not Kashmir as accused by Pakistani authorities.

Written By Devarshi mankad | Mumbai | Updated On:
PK Sehgal

Defence Expert Major General (Retd.) PK Sehgal on Monday said that serious human rights violations are taking place in Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir. On being asked about Pakistan's accusations of human rights violation taking place in Kashmir, he replied, "If there are human right violations taking place, they are taking place on a large-scale in PoK, Sindh and Balochistan and not in Kashmir". Major General (Retd.) PK Sehgal is a veteran of the Indian Armed Forces and was referring to various allegations of human right violations amid the rising tensions in the region post the abrogation of Article 370 on August 5.

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US-Taliban talks

Major Sehgal was speaking on a variety of defence and military issues of the regions and also on a global scale. United States President Donald Trump on Saturday tweeted that he was not going to go ahead with a secret meeting planned with the Taliban, a terrorist organisation responsible for multiple deadly attacks across the world. After the back out, Taliban released a statement saying that the move will prove costly for the United States since they will lose more lives. When asked about the surprising turn of events, he said that the organization would be surprised by the decision and their threat will not have effects. "Taliban, on the other hand, are now saying that Americans will lose more lives after this decision but what they do not realise is that every life that America loses, they will take 10 more lives of Taliban," Sehgal said. 

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Masood Azhar's reported release

He was also asked about the reports of the release of Masood Azhar, the Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) by the Pakistani authorities. Sehgal said that Pakistan was desperate since recently they were blacklisted by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and their financial status was downgraded and also because they have not been able to push infiltrators into Jammu and Kashmir. He said, "The secret release of JeM chief Masood Azhar a month before the FATF meeting clearly indicates a huge sense of desperation from Pakistan. Pakistan has not been able to push in any infiltrators in J&K. Having failed in their task, they want to cause chaos and mayhem in India." 

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Major Sehgal also spoke about the recent announcement regarding the purchase of S-400 air defence missile systems which as per Russia's Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov, will be delivered as per schedule after the necessary payments were made. "The earlier we get S-400 missile system, the better. With the availability of S-400, the scenario in South Asia will completely change. We will completely decimate and dominate Pakistan in one-to-one battle. Pakistan will be completely on the back foot and we can wipe out Pakistan Air Force the moment the planes take off from their airfields". Sehgal said.

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