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PM Modi Addresses Global Citizen Programme; Says Music Has Inherent Ability To Unite

While explaining the importance of music, PM Modi went on to invite people to visit India and experience the musical diversity of the country.

PM Modi

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the Global Citizen programme on September 25. During his address, PM Modi brought up the reference of music and how it carried with itself an inherent ability to unite people. While explaining the importance of music, PM Modi went on to invite people to visit India and experience the musical diversity of the country. The Global Citizen Movement uses music and creativity to bring the world together. 

PM Narendra Modi on lessons learnt from COVID pandemic

PM Modi while speaking at the Global Citizen Programme mentioned that for almost two years now, humanity was battling a once in a lifetime global pandemic. Speaking on the challenge brought on by the complexities of the Coronavirus pandemic, PM Modi recalled the spirit of scientists and innovators who helped create a new vaccine in record time. Whilst hailing the efforts of scientists and innovators, he maintained that generations would remember the manner in which human resilience prevailed. PM Modi added, "Our shared experience of fighting the pandemic has taught us we are stronger and better when we are together. We saw glimpses of this collective spirit when our COVID-19 warriors, doctors, nurses, medical staff gave their best to defeat the pandemic."

PM Modi urges lower-income sections to trust the government

While speaking about poverty which stills happens to be a major concern in India, PM Modi attested that it was impossible to fight COVID by making the poor dependent on the government. He rather suggested that the problem of poverty could only be solved if the lower-income communities started showing faith in the government. While addressing the issue, PM Modi stated, "Trusted partners who will give them the enabling infrastructure to forever break the vicious circle of poverty." 

On Climate Change 

During his address at the Global Citizen programme, PM Narendra Modi mentioned how the threat of climate change still persisted. He said, "The world will have to accept that any change in the global environment first begins with the self." While suggesting a possible solution, Prime Minister Modi said that the simplest and the most prosperous way to mitigate climate change was to lead a lifestyle that was in harmony with nature.

Image: Twitter/@PMOIndia 

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