PM Modi-Donald Trump Bilateral Meet Focused On 'impact Of Terror': MEA

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India put forth a categorical stand on terror, during a bilateral meet between PM Modi and US President Donald Trump on the sidelines of UN General Assembly.

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India put forth a categorical stand on terror, during a bilateral meet between PM Modi and US President Donald Trump on the sidelines of UN General Assembly. In the third meeting with the United States in 2019, it was also announced that India's position on mediation was clear and if New Delhi wishes to talk, it would be held only bilaterally with Pakistan.

Prime Minister Modi during his meet told Donald Trump that he was not "shying away from talks with Pakistan" however demanded concrete steps to dismantle terror. He further added that despite India's sizeable Muslim population, it has the 'lowest rate' of radicalisation. 

He said, "Prime Minister Modi and President Trump discussed India’s concerns about terrorism, cross border issues. Prime Minister Modi said that despite India’s sizeable Muslim population, it has the lowest rate of Islamic radicalisation. Prime Minister told Trump that India has never shied away from talks with Pakistan, but none of the Indian initiatives have been reciprocated. PM said that shortly after he traveled to Lahore, the Pathankot terror attack happened."

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Foreign Secretary Vijay Gokhale and MEA spokesperson Raveesh Kumar in a press brief subsequent to the meet said that the focus of discussion was on the 'impact of terrorism' and the origin of terror. 

"Focus of discussion was on the impact of terrorism and it needs to be understood where the origin of terror is. Prime Minister made it clear that we are not shying away from talks with Pakistan but for that Pakistan must take concrete steps against terror and we don't see that happening," Foreign Secretary said. 

He added, "Satisfied with the quality of discussion on terror. Trump accepted that it's a challenge both of us need to fight together. Prime Minister put forward our perspective on the issue of terrorism, President Trump showed understanding, he also recognised and accepted that this is a challenge that both of us face together."

India-US bilateral meet 

When Donald Trump was questioned on state-sponsored terrorism by Pakistan in Kashmir, the US President stated that it was not his place to say anything, but asserted that PM Modi 'will be able to take care of it.'

He said, "I had a meeting with Prime Minister Khan. It was a long meeting and we discussed a lot. I do believe these two gentlemen will get together and work something. You mentioned Pakistan, but Iran would be on top of the list (of terrorism) because if you look at terrorist its been going on for a long time. I think if Prime Minister Modi and Prime Minister Khan will get along if they get to know each other. I think a lot of good things will come from that meeting." 

When questioned on terrorism infiltrating from across the border, Trump said, "I think the message is not for me but for Prime Minister Modi to give, and I think he gave it loud and clear. He gave a pretty loud message and I'm sure he will be able to take care of it. I hope they can work something out on Kashmir, we all want to see that. "

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Imran Khan- Trump bilateral meet

US President Donald Trump met the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan on the sidelines of the United Nations Summit and they addressed the media. Pakistani reporters are intent on peddling Imran Khan’s fake narrative engaged in cacophony in their attempt to sell their point to Trump on Kashmir. But a seemingly perturbed Trump asked Imran Khan, “Where do you find reporters like this?” Pakistan has been trying every play in their book to internationalise the Kashmir issue.


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