PM Modi Heads To Attend G7 Summit In France's Biarritz: Agenda Here

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PM Modi will attend the annual G7 Summit alongside prominent world leaders on the invitation of France President Macron to participate in crucial global issues.

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G7 Summit

PM Modi received a personal invitation to be a part of the G7 Summit hosted by France by the head of the country, French President Emmanuel Macron, despite not being a member of the international grouping. The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) had said that the invitation was a "reflection of the personal chemistry" between the two leaders and also "recognition of India as a major economic power".

For two days, the member nations heads of France, US, UK, Canada, Italy, Germany, and Japan will attend to the annual meet to discuss vast issues ranging from economy, social inequalities and gender. 

Along with India, countries from the length and breadth of the globe including Australian, Egypt, Africa, Senegal, Rwanda, Spain, and South Africa are among the others invited for the Summit in Biarritz. 

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The host of the G7 Summit, President of France, Macron has narrowed down the theme of the Summit to 'fighting inequality' amid other issues looming across the globe including- the US-China trade war, Tehran-Washington escalating tensions and even the fire in the Amazon rainforest.

Alongside, PM Modi the permanent world leaders of G7 who will be in attendance include-- France President Emmanuel Macron, US President Donald Trump, Canada PM Justin Trudeau, British PM Boris Johnson, Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel, Japan PM Shinz┼Ź Abe, and Italy PM Giuseppe Conte.


What is the G7 Summit? 

The French city of Biarritz has been converted into a fortress, with unprecedented security measures taken considering the profile of the event. All protests in the city and neighbouring cities have been banned to curb any hint of disturbance.

Often being looked as the grouping of 'rich countries,' the G7 Summit includes the seven countries, that are the largest and the most developed, industrialised economies of the world for them to discuss economic policies. 

The grouping that was created in 1975 first included six countries, with Canada joining a year later. The grouping also included Russia, who was then suspended in 2014 over Moscow's seizure of Crimea, that was looked down upon as illegal by the member nations.  

The first-ever G7 Summit was held at Rambouillet in France, 1975.

PM Modi after completing his 3 nation visit to France, UAE and Bahrain has again left for France earlier on Sunday to attend the G7 Summit alongside other prominent world leaders.

Kashmir in G7 Summit

Pertaining to the abrogation of Article 370 on August 5, the subsequent communication blackout and Pakistan's persistent efforts to create unrest in the valley by inducing a systematic social media war by propelling fake news campaigns has managed to garner global attention over the issue.  

Pakistan PM Imran Khan's attempt to fearmonger over 'ethnic cleansing' in Kashmir has been counterblast by Islamabad's negligence on China's detainment on Uighur Muslims. The UN Meet on Safety of Religious Minorities also called out the bigotry and abuse against minorities in of Pakistan and China on Friday. 

On the sidelines of the G7 Summit, PM Modi and US President Donald Trump are likely to bring up the situation in the Kashmir valley, human rights, trade and other issues of mutual concern. 

Donald Trump urged premier of Pakistan Imran Khan to "moderate rhetoric" with neighbour India, over the delicate situation in Kashmir to ease strains. Trump's conversation with Khan, was followed by a 30- minute long conversation with PM Modi on Monday over the conflicted issue of Kashmir in consequence to the abrogation of Article 370 and the subsequent communication blackout in the valley for over two weeks. 

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Earlier in the week, Donald Trump yet again put forth his offer to meditate between New Delhi and Islamabad over the Kashmir issue to ease the strains between the neighbour nuclear nations at the G7 Summit this weekend. 

However, despite Pakistan desperation, India has categorically stated that Jammu and Kashmir was an internal matter and that a third party mediation is not needed. 

PM Narendra Modi on Saturday said "political stability and predictable policy framework" have made India an "attractive" investment destination as he urged the Indian business leaders in the UAE to invest in Jammu and Kashmir, which he said could emerge as the country's growth engine.

"Impetus on development initiatives in Jammu and Kashmir will make it play a role in the growth engine of India and also create job opportunities for the youths there," PM Modi said. 

At the Summit, PM Modi is also expected to meet the new British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who will make his debut this year at the Summit. The two leaders spoke on phone earlier this week and agreed on the importance of working together to tackle climate change and other threats to biodiversity. 

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