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Watch: PM Modi Highlights Unique Role Played By Children During Ongoing COVID-19 Crisis

Interacting with Ankita Khatri-a resident of Varanasi constituency, PM Modi highlighted the role played by young children during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

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Akhil Oka

Interacting with Ankita Khatri-a resident of Varanasi constituency on Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted the role played by young children during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. He noted that many people had put up social media posts revealing that they had spent more time with their children. Thereafter, he observed that small children were instructing their parents on various aspects such as washing hands and not to leave the house. The PM observed that he was very happy with the talent, energy, and thinking of the younger generation. 

PM Modi remarked, “I acknowledge that this is a huge crisis. But to convert a crisis into an opportunity is a characteristic of mankind. There is a unique impact of the lockdown on social media. Many people are revealing on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram that they are spending more time with their children. It is true that the grandparents would take care of the children in a joint family. Today, the difficulty is natural as the size of the family has reduced.” 

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He added, “I have been inspired by some other things. I am witnessing how humankind has come together to win the battle against the novel coronavirus. The most important role is being played by our Bal Sena- the army of children. I have seen videos in which four to five-year-old children are telling their parents how to wash hands, not to leave the house. Small children are responding to this crisis. In one or two days, I will share such videos on social media. If I get the chance, I will share it today itself.” 

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'The energy of today’s youth inspires me'

“If you take the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, the children had taken up the mantle of this initiative. The energy of today’s youth inspires me. I am very happy with their thinking and talent. Some parents are worried that the children will start teaching them after being home for many days. I am very confident that children will teach something or the other to their parents,” PM Modi elaborated.  

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