PM Modi Holds Congress And JMM Responsible For Instability And Corruption In Jharkhand

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi held the Congress party and Jharkhand Mukti Morcha party responsible for the spread of corruption and instability in Jharkhand

Written By Prakash Singh | Mumbai | Updated On:
PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his election campaign in Jamshedpur and Khunti district of Jharkhand, attacked the Congress party on all fronts and held the Congress and Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM) party responsible for rampant corruption and instability during their regime.

The Prime Minister launched a scathing attack on the Congress party holding it responsible for not being able to resolve the crisis in Kashmir and also slammed the party on Ram Janmabhoomi dispute.

During his speech, PM  Modi said, "Before the present BJP government in Jharkhand, there were only reports of corruption and loot by Chief Ministers and politicians. Chief Ministers used to change faster than the season. In 15 years, 10 chief ministers were sworn in ." Adding further to his statement, PM Modi said, "Congress and JMM were responsible for the instability in Jharkhand, and for the first time, BJP gave a stable government. Both parties want instability in the state so that their method of loot and corruption can flourish." 

He added, "We crushed Naxalism. By 2022 every poor will get a house and no one will live in huts. The people of the country voted for BJP to take tough decisions. We abrogated Article 370 in Kashmir and we got the blessings of people from all across the country. Congress even created hurdles in solving the dispute of Ramjanmabhoomi. But now it has been resolved peacefully and a grand temple would be constructed. Because of triple talaq, Muslim women were at receiving end and even the parents and brothers were worried about the well being of their daughters and son. And my government has tried to protect the dignity of Muslim women, which the Congress government failed to do. We also provided a 10 percent reservation to the upper caste. Congress never wanted the development of tribals and we have started 'Eklavya model school for the upliftment of tribal children.'"

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PM Modi takes an indirect jibe at his old friend Saryu Rai 

In Jamshedpur east, Jharkhand CM, Raghubar Das, is fighting a tough battle against BJP rebel candidate Saryu Rai. In the last election campaign in 2014, PM Modi had referred Saryu Rai as his personal friend.

PM Narendra Modi, during his Rally in Jamshedpur, also appealed to the voters to vote for Lotus symbol and lotus is synonymous with Modi. With this statement, Modi sent a clear message to the voters that he is committed to the BJP,  and since Saryu Rai is no longer with BJP, he doesn't enjoy my confidence.

A couple of days back, Saryu Rai had written a letter to PM Modi that "the present Jharkhand government has failed to give ownership rights to people living in 86 jhuggi colonies in Jamshedpur east like it is being done for 1731 jhuggi colonies in Delhi. The chief minister is opposed to it. The CM's family members are indulging in corruption and have been misbehaving with people and officers .henceforth he should be removed immediately ."

PM Modi finished his speech, appealing for a stable government in Jharkhand, with the slogan   "Jharkhand pukara, BJP Dubara."

On November 30, 13 constituencies, went to the polls in the first phase of the assembly election. Sixty-eight assembly constituencies will go to polls in the next 4 phases. Jharkhand CM Raghubar Das will be contesting against  BJP rebel Saryu Rai in the second phase of the polls on December 7. The 5-phase Jharkhand assembly elections will culminate on December 23 with the counting of votes.

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