PM Modi In Mumbai: ISRO Works To Achieve Goals Against All Obstacles

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Speaking at the inauguration of metro projects, PM Modi said that he had heard of Mumbai's dedication but today he wanted to speak on ISRO's dedication.

Written By Navashree Nandini | Mumbai | Updated On:

Prime Minister Modi on Saturday visited Mumbai to inaugurated the first coach for Mumbai Metro built under the 'Make in India' programme. The Prime Minister also inaugurated three Metro lines and launched infrastructure projects worth Rs. 20,000 crore. Speaking at the inauguration, PM Modi who returned after meeting the scientists at ISRO in Bengaluru said that he had heard of Mumbai's dedication but today he wanted to speak on ISRO's dedication.  

"I went to Bengaluru at night. The dedication which ISRO shows is great. How to work to achieve goals against big odds and obstacles. This quality we can learn from ISRO scientists. There are three types of people in the face of goals. One who never tries because of obstacles. Middle-level people starts but stops as soon as the first obstacle comes. Those who try and try until the goal is achieved. ISRO scientists fall under the 3rd category. Some obstacles have come but ISRO scientists will not stop. They will reach the Moon. Moon will definitely be reached. Orbitor is still there and it's good.  I heard about Mumbai's dedication but today I thought of telling you about ISRO dedication," PM Modi said. 

PM Modi also visited and prayed at the 96-year old Lokmanya Seva Sangh Lord Ganesha idol in Vile Parle in Mumbai. His visit to Nagpur was cancelled last minute due to bad weather. Pm Modi's visit is also seen as a key visit ahead of Maharashtra state elections. While BJP president and Home Minister Amit Shah stayed away from meeting ally Shiv Sena's leader in his visit a few days ago, Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray was present at PM Modi's event along with Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis. 

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PM Modi's message to ISRO scientists

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday spoke to the scientists and all others at ISRO related to India's moon mission Chandrayaan 2, hours after the loss of communication with the Vikram Lander just 2.1 km away from the Lunar surface. Speaking at the ISRO monitoring centre at Bengaluru, that one obstruction cannot stop the flight of ISRO's success. He also consoled an emotional ISRO Chairman K Sivan, reassuring him with a warm hug and several pats on the back. 

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"To our scientists, I want to say, India is with you. You are exceptional professionals. You have given your best always and will give us several more in the future. True to your nation, you ventured to a place where no one has ever done before. "Aap log makhan pe lakir karne wale nahi, pathhar pe lakir karne waale hain". You came as close as you could. Stay steady and look ahead," the PM said. 

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PM Modi said that ISRO is a source of inspiration: "As important as the final result is the journey and the efforts. I can proudly say that efforts were worth it and so was the journey. Our team worked hard and traveled far and those teachings will always remain with us. We will look back on the journey and effort with great satisfaction. The learning from today will make us stronger and better. There will be a new dawn and a brighter tomorrow very soon. It is our culture to work hard without worrying about the result. Our history of thousand years has proven several times that we don't stop when the problem arrives. ISRO is also an example of our strong will power."  

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