PM Modi: 'New Generation Will Start Building New India'

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PM Modi during his address to the nation stated, "After this decision, we have to make a resolution that now a new generation will start building a New India."

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday evening addressed the nation in the light of the Supreme Court's final verdict of the nearly 70 years long Ayodhya land dispute case. In his address, he stated that "The Supreme Court's decision has brought a new dawn for us." He further said, "This controversy may have affected many generations, but after this decision, we have to make a resolution that now a new generation will start building a new India." PM Modi also said that "there is no place for fear, bitterness and negativity in New India."

PM Modi on Ayodhya verdict

PM Modi while addressing the nation said, "Today, the Supreme Court has ruled on an important case that has a history of hundreds of years behind it." He further stated that "Today is also a golden chapter in the history of the judiciary of India. During the hearing on this subject, the Supreme Court heard everyone, listened very patiently and gave a unanimous decision."

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'SC has shown strong will behind the decision'

Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing the nation praised the Supreme Court on its "strong-willed" decision on the Ayodhya land dispute. According to him, "The Supreme Court has shown strong will behind this decision. And therefore, the judges of the country, the courts and our judicial system are officers of the acclamation. Today, with the decision on Ayodhya, this date of November 9 has also given us a lesson to move forward together. Today's message is 'to add, to join and to live together.'

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Supreme Court's final Ayodhya verdict

The Supreme Court in its unanimous judgment awarded the disputed land to the Hindu parties for the construction of a temple. The SC directed the Centre to come up with a scheme within three months to set up a trust which will hand over the outer courtyard and inner courtyard of the site for construction of a temple. Apart from this, the SC stated that an alternate land of 5 acres is to be allotted to Muslims for the liberty of constructing a mosque, either by the Centre or the state, in a suitable and prominent place in Ayodhya. CJI Ranjan Gogoi, while delivering the unanimous judgment, dismissed the claims of the Sunni Central Waqf Board and the Nirmohi Akhara. He also termed that the three-way division of the disputed land by the Allahabad HC in its 2010 verdict is wrong.

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