PM Modi Speaks On Inclusive Participation Of All Concerned Parties To End Bodo Movement

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his address in Kokrajhar town of Assam's Bodoland Territorial Region spoke extensively about the success of tripartite Bodo pact

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his address in Kokrajhar town of Assam's Bodoland Territorial Region spoke extensively about the success of the tripartite Bodo pact which is touted to put an end to the violence in the Bodo land in Assam without acceding to their demands of a separate state or union territory. 

Speaking of the importance of the Bodo pact, which is set to ease the situation that had been volatile for decades, PM Modi said, "Today, those mothers, sisters whose son and brother used to roam in the jungles with a gun on his shoulders with the shadow of death looming over him. Today he can sleep peacefully in his mother's lap. Today I get the blessings of those mothers and sisters. Just imagine, for so many decades, bullets were used day and night. Today a new way is paved from that dreadful life". 

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"Along with peace and non-violence, people of Assam have chosen democracy. They have cherished the constitution of India," said PM Modi on the occasion of the Bodo pact celebration. "Today after decades, a roadmap for the people of this whole region's be it their personal growth or societal growth has been strengthened", adding on the success of the historic pact. 

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End to long-standing violence

"The wishes and aspirations of everyone who has been associated with the Bodoland Movement have been respected and heard after five decades. Every group which has been associated with the movement has come together to put an end to violence for the sake of regional peace and prosperity", said PM Modi while speaking on the involvement of the concerned groups in the Bodi pact, who were earlier been spearheading the Bodo movement.

"Peace did not prevail completely after the 1993 and 2003 pact, But now, the central government, the Assam government and people related to the Bodo movement have signed a historic agreement after which there are no demands left and only progress is the only priority for us".

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The Bodo pact 2020

With an aim to bring permanent peace in Bodo-dominated areas in Assam, the Centre on Monday signed a tripartite agreement with the dreaded insurgent group National Democratic Front of Bodoland (NDFB) and two other outfits, providing political and economic benefits without acceding to the demand for a separate state or Union Territory.

The All Bodo Students' Union (ABSU), which has been spearheading a movement for a Bodoland state since 1972, and the United Bodo People's Organisation were also signatories to the Comprehensive Bodo Settlement Agreement – Bodoland Territorial Region.

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