PM Modi To Host Mega Cultural Programme For Xi Jinping; Details Here

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PM Modi will host a cultural programme in honour of the President of China Xi Jinping on Friday, October 11 at the Shore Temple in Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu.

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A cultural programme will be hosted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in honour of the President of China Xi Jinping on Friday, October 11 at the Shore Temple in Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu. The programme will consist of six different cultural performances including multiple dance performances, a prayer, a devotional song, and a play.


‘Alarippu’ is a dance performance that symbolizes the offering of respect to God, teacher, and the audience. It is accompanied by the recitation of Sol-fa syllables. Performances of Indian classical dance form ‘Bharatnatyam’ include Alarippu in the opening sequence.


‘Purappadu is a component of the initial part of a ‘Kathakali’ dance performance. In ‘Puraddapu’, the dancer expresses themselves through various hand gestures and facial expressions which closely follow the verses that are being recited. The performance is marked by high-tempo music, quick foot movements, and vigorous drumbeats. 


‘Sethubandhanam’ is an excerpt from Rukhmini Devi’s six-part series on ‘Ramayana’. This scene is from ‘MahaPattabhishekam’ which was choreographed in the year 1970 by Rukhmini Devi. It depicts the building of the bridge across the sea to Lanka - ‘Sethubandhanam’ - by Sugreeva, Hanuman, Jambavan, and others. The lyrics are in Sanskrit and have been taken from Valmiki’s Ramayan.

Bajo re Bhaiyya Ram Govind Hari

This is a ‘Bhajan’ (a devotional song) composed by the 15th-16th Century Indian mystic and Saint ‘Kabir’. It exalts the worship of Lord Rama.


This is a dance performance based on the rhythm patterns of a famous composition called 'Shanti Nilava Vendum', which seeks to promote the message of peace and harmony.

Shanthi Nilava

Shanthi Nilava Vendum is a prayer for global peace which was Mahatma Gandhi’s cherished objective. 

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