PM Modi To Inaugurate National War Memorial - A Tribute To India's Post-independence Martyrs - At New Delhi: LIVE UPDATES

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the iconic National War Memorial in New Delhi as a tribute to soldiers who have laid down their lives defending the nation post-independence.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the iconic National War Memorial in New Delhi as a tribute to soldiers who have laid down their lives defending the nation post-independence.
Update at 8:15 PM:
8 months ago

PM Modi lightens the eternal flame and unveils the National War Memorial.


Update at 6:15 PM:
8 months ago

Cultural programme takes place ahead of the inauguration of the National War Memorial by PM Modi.


Update at 6:02 PM:
8 months ago

PM Modi salutes the statues of the martyred soldiers at the 'Param Yoddha Sthal'.


Update at 6:00 PM:
8 months ago

PM Modi arrives at the National War Memorial, India Gate for the inauguration.


Update at 5:20 PM:
8 months ago

PM Modi addresses a rally of Ex-Servicemen ahead of the inauguration of the National War Memorial in New Delhi: 

"This is new India, it is heading ahead with new pace and policies today. It is because of the sacrifices you have made": PM Modi to the rally of the ex-servicemen

"Our soldiers have always taken the attack on themselves, accepted challenges and have given befitting response."

"With your blessing in the year 2014, we started the process to build the National War Memorial and today it is completed ahead of its time."

"At this place, I pay my tribute to the brave soldiers who lost their lives in Pulwama and all those bravehearts who sacrifice themselves for protection of India."

"For a long time, there has been a demand for a super-speciality hospital. On this historic occasion, I take the privilege of telling you that not one, but we are going to build three super-speciality hospitals."

"Due to OROP, the pensions of veterans were increased up to 40%. We are also working on building 3 super specialty hospitals."

"Contribution from all parts of society is necessary for the security of the nation. Because of this ideology, for the 1st time, women are getting the opportunity to become fighter pilots. Decisions are being taken to strengthen the participation of daughters in the forces."

"On 15 Aug 2017, we launched Gallantry awards portal so that every child in India knows about our heroes."

"We are constantly working towards making the country's army self-reliant. The decisions that were deemed impossible are becoming possible now. We have introduced a change in the entire ecosystem of defence production. From Licensing to the Export process, we are bringing transparency across the system."

"With the efforts that we have taken, big countries across the world want to walk shoulder-to-shoulder with us. This is the reason why in 2016, our country took part in the International Fleet Review along with the naval forces of 50 other countries. Indian Army is respected in the world"

"In the year 2009, the army had demanded 1 lakh 86 thousand bullet-proof jackets. Five years passed from 2009 to 2014, but the Bulletproof jackets were not provided to the army. This is our government which has bought over 2 lakh 30 thousand bullet-proof jackets in the past four and a half years."

"From the Bofors to the helicopter, the whole investigation to reach that one family -  says a lot. Now, these people are trying that India should not get the Rafale aircraft. In the next few months when the country's first Rafael will be flying the skies of India, it will destroy all of their plots."

"Our govt has also started the work of buying cutting-edge rifles for the army. Recently, the government has ordered the purchase of 72 thousand modern rifles."

"Nearly half a decade ago, the file has been roaming around. In the meantime, during the government of Atal Ji the file went ahead, but after his government, the situation again remained the same."

"Every soldier in the country today is asking one question, why this treatment with the martyrs? Why such injustice with the great heroes who devoted themselves to the country? What were the reasons why nobody's attention went to the memorial for the martyrs?"

"The answer is the difference between 'India first' and 'family first'. From school to hospital, from highway to airport, from stadium to award – everywhere the name of the same family has been connected."

Update at 5:15 PM:
8 months ago

Raksha Mantri Nirmala Sitharmana addresses the rally:

"The war memorial will keep reminding us of the valour, pride and dedicated selfless service of our soldiers and will inspire others to pay their respects and be soldier themselves." 

"This memorial is marvelously designed. Today we can proudly say we have added one more pilgrimage place for every citizen to pay respect to our brave soldiers." 


Update at 5:14 PM:
8 months ago

Raksha Mantri Nirmala Sitharaman addresses the rally of the Ex-servicemen at the Major Dhyan Chand Stadium:


Update ta 5:10 PM:
8 months ago

PM Modi arrives at the stage at the Major Dhyan Chand Stadium, set to address the ex-servicemen rally


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8 months ago

PM Modi to address ex-servicemen rally at the Major Dhyan Chand Stadium in New Delhi.


Update at 3:50 PM:
8 months ago

PM Modi shares some glimpses of the National War Memorial ahead of its inauguration.


8 months ago

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the iconic National War Memorial in New Delhi as a tribute to soldiers who have laid down their lives defending the nation post-independence.

While addressing his monthly 'Mann Ki Baat' programme on Sunday, PM Modi spoke about the National War Memorial, stating not having such a memorial always pained and surprised him.

"I do believe that for our countrymen, a visit to the National War Memorial will be akin to a pilgrimage to a holy place. The national soldiers' memorial is a symbol of the nation's gratitude to those men who made the supreme sacrifice after we gained Independence," PM Modi said.

PM Modi will inaugurate the memorial by lightning up the enteral flame positioned at the bottom of the 15.5-metre tall obelisk.

He will also attend a rally of ex-servicemen at the National Stadium before unveiling the memorial.

The state-of-art memorial boasts of four thematic concentric circles with a talll ceremoical obelisk at its centre that will bear the eternal flame. The layout of the memorial located behind the India Gate canopy and across the National Stadium consists of four concentric circles, radially outwards:

  • The 'Amar Chakra' or Circle of Immortality
  • The  'Veerta Chakra or Circle of Bravery,
  • The 'Tyag Chakra' or Circle of Sacrifice
  • The 'Rakshak Chakra' or Circle of Protection

The central obelisk is topped with an Ashokan Capital and the base bears the famous couplet 'Shaheed ki mazron par...' by poet Jagdamba Prasad Mishra 'Hitaishi'.

The names of 25,942 battle casualties have been inscribed across 16 walls that consist of granite pieces bearing the name, rank, and regiment of the fallen heroes.

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