PM Modi To ISRO: 'Stay Steady, Look Ahead'. Read His Inspiring Quotes

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed ISRO & the nation from Bengaluru, where he gave an inspiring message on Chandrayaan-2's achievements and the road ahead

Written By Jitesh Vachhatani | Mumbai | Updated On:

Hours after ISRO and India lost contact with Chandrayaan-2's Vikram lander just 2.1 km from the lunar surface during its touch-down attempt, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the ISRO team and the nation from ISRO Monitoring Centre in Bengaluru. In an inspirational message to the nation, the PM lauded and extolled the efforts of ISRO and the significance of Chandrayaan-2 and said, “Setbacks haven’t crushed our spirit. You have ventured into a place where no one went and came close as you could. Stay steady and look ahead.” 

The most inspirational quotes from PM Modi's address

The PM congratulated the entire team of ISRO and also expressed his gratitude towards India's space agency by stating that the entire nation feels proud of their feat:

“You ventured into a place where no one went and you came as close as you could. The entire nation is proud and even at this particular moment, Chandrayaan orbits around the Moon with immense pride.” 

PM Narendra Modi consolidated and inspired the entire ISRO team for future endeavours: 

“Chandrayaan-1 proved to the world about the presence of water on Moon. We are the first nation to launch more than 100 satellites together in space and the same professionals have also reached Mars in its first attempt. With ISRO’s enormous encyclopedia of success, one or two minor setbacks can not put our trajectory out of motion.” 

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PM showed immense confidence in India’s space programme and stated that the best is yet to come:

“We are full of confidence when it comes to our space programmes, the best is yet to come. There are new frontiers to discover and new places to go. We will rise to the occasion and scale never ever scaled heights before. India stands together with its scientists."

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"Science Is Never Content With Results," says Modi

The Prime Minister also encouraged the efforts of the ISRO team which had been working relentlessly for Chandrayaan-2 and attributed the nature of science as a motivating source for India’s space missions:

“Science is never content with results, the inherent quality of science is Experiment! And science never fails in front of experiments. Experimenting is embedded in the ethos of ISRO. Learning from today will make us stronger.”

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The Prime Minister also told the scientists: 

“You all came as close as one could be to success. Learn from your experience and move forward, look forward. Carry on the work you do, for there will be many opportunities ahead and many missions ahead”

Communication with Vikram lander of Chandrayaan-2 was lost at 2.1 km from Lunar surface. The Vikram lander was planned to land on the far side of the moon between 1:30 am to 2:30 am on the intervening night of Friday-Saturday. This would have been followed by rover (Pragyan) roll-out between 5:30 am to 6:30 am. The Chandrayaan-2 orbiter continues to orbit the Moon, something PM Modi highlighted.

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