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World Environment Day | PM Modi Underlines Conservation Policies Over Last 8 Yrs At 'Save Soil' Event In Delhi

PM Modi on World Environment Day said that all of the Centre's measures over the previous eight years have aided environmental conservation in the country.

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On the occasion of World Environment Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said that all of the Centre's measures over the previous eight years have aided environmental conservation in the country.

Addressing the 'Save Soil' programme organised by Isha Foundation at Vigyan Bhavan in Delhi on June 05, PM Modi, "Wishing you all, the whole world, a very Happy World Environment Day. Sadhguru and Isha Foundation also deserve congratulations today. In March, his organization started the Save Soil campaign. His journey through 27 countries has reached here on the 75th day today. Today, when the country is celebrating the 75th year of its independence, it is taking new resolutions in this nectar period. So this kind of public campaign becomes very important."

'Satisfied with all schemes which are going on for last 8 yrs...'

PM Modi said that he was satisfied with the schemes that are going on in the country as they are protecting the environment in some way or the other. "I am satisfied that all the schemes which are going on in the country for the last 8 years have an urge to protect the environment in some way or the other. Be it the Swachh Bharat Mission or programs related to waste to wealth, the construction of modern sewage treatment plants in cities under the AMRUT mission, or the campaign to get rid of single-use plastic or the Ganga cleanliness campaign under Namami Gange, India's efforts to protect the environment. The efforts have been multifaceted."

Adding further PM Modi said, "India is doing this effort when the world is worried about climate change." He said that the developed nations are responsible for the largest carbon emissions and India has no role in the destruction that has been caused by climate change. He said that the world's average carbon emission stands at 4 tonnes per person, whereas in India it stands close to 0.5 tonnes per person. "Internationally, India has led the creation of CDRI and International Solar Alliance. Last year, India has also resolved that India will achieve the target of Net-Zero by 2070."

On Soil conservation

As PM Modi was speaking on the "Save Soil" programme organised by Sadhguru's Isha foundation, he spoke about the initiatives launched by his government in conserving soil. "Earlier, the farmer of our country lacked information about what type of soil his soil is, what is the deficiency in his soil and how much is there. To overcome this problem, a huge campaign was launched to give soil health cards to the farmers in the country. More than 22 crore soil health cards were given to farmers across the country. Along with this, a large network related to soil testing has also been created in the country," he said.

"The country has worked relentlessly to keep the soil alive. To save the soil, we have focused on five main things. First- How to make the soil chemical-free. Second- How to save the creatures that live in the soil, which in a technical language you call Soil Organic Matter. Third- How to maintain soil moisture, how to increase the availability of water till it. Fourth- How to remove the damage that is happening to the soil due to less groundwater. And fifth, how to stop the continuous erosion of soil due to the reduction of forest cover," PM Modi said.

"In this year's budget, we have decided that we will encourage natural farming in the villages situated on the banks of Ganga, which will make a huge corridor of natural farming. This will not only make our farms chemical-free, Namami Gange campaign will also get new strength. India is also working on restoring 26 million hectares of barren land by 2030. To protect the environment, today India is constantly emphasizing new innovations and pro-environment technology," PM Modi said.

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