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PM Modi's Mann Ki Baat Appeal To Kids: 'Interview Grandparents & Elders; Ask Them...'

Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his Mann Ki Baat address on Sunday urged people to interview their grandparents, ask them about their experience and learn.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his 66th Mann Ki Baat address on Sunday urged people to interview their grandparents and ask them about their experience and learn from them. According to him, this will not only lead to the grandparents reminiscing about their lives and give them joy but also it will be a great experience to learn about the older times. He also suggested some questions to ask them. 

"I appeal that you must do one thing that I am saying - whenever you have a little time on your hands, ask your parents to use the mobile and record the interview of your Dada-Dadi, Nana-Nani, or whosoever elder in the house! You would have seen journalists conducting interviews on TV, you also do a similar kind of interview and record it on the mobile!"

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PM Modi suggests questions

Speaking about the suggestions, he said, "You must ask them about their lifestyle as children, what sports did they play? If they went to the theatre? Or went to the cinema? If they had gone to their maternal uncle's house during the holidays? Or visit a field or a barn? How did they celebrate the festivals? There are many topics upon which you can ask questions. How was the area where you presently live? How were the nearby precincts and what were the ways and customs of the people then? You will get to learn and know about these things quite easily." 

"It is true that an autobiography or biography is a very useful tool to get closer to the veracity of history. You too, while chatting with your elders will be able to understand their times, their childhood, and the facets of their youth. This is an excellent opportunity that the elders will get to narrate about their childhood and about their period to the children of their home," he said. 

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