PM Modi: India Is Lucky That 65 Percent Of Its Population Is Under 35

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PM Modi held an on-stage discussion at FII with co-chief of Bridgewater Associates Ray Dalio. During his discussion, he spoke about the power of human capital

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PM Modi

PM Modi delivered a keynote address at Saudi Arabia's flagship annual investor meeting. Ray Dalio, the co-chairman and co-chief investment officer of Bridgewater Associates conducted an on-stage discussion with Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Future Investment Initiative (FII) event, which was attended by high profile participants from the business world and political leaders from different countries. 

'The expense of India's moon journey is lesser than a Hollywood film'

During his discussion, PM Modi responded to a question by Dalio on his ideas of using human capital with technology to empower economies. The PM said Human Power must be utilised with other resources for a greater good. The PM also used the example of India's Moon expedition and said the budget of the expedition was lesser than a Hollywood film.

"If space is a global interest, then I should also work on space. As you know, India's space program is different. The expense of India's moon journey is lesser than a Hollywood film. This is an achievement in itself, this also means that my human resource managed to complete the moon journey with lesser expenditure than the budget of a Hollywood film," the Prime Minister said. 

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'We must use Human Capital for the greater good'

The Prime Minister also said the human power must be used for the greater good and changes must be foreseen within time. He also said that the fact the King of Saudi Arabia was taught by an Indian teacher is a great example of the power of human resources. 

"India is very fortunate that 65 percent of its population is below the age of 35. The necessity of skill development and human resource development here as well on a global level produces great value when I'm in Saudi Arabia and I meet the majestic king, he proudly tells me that "Brother, I love you a lot because I was taught by an Indian teacher during my childhood.  This means the human capital of India, taught the king of Saudi Arabia. This is such great use and great power. I believe that we should work on the larger good, with human capital or with any other resources. However, changes must also be bought within the right time. We must create upgradations if possible, and complete them before time. 

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The Prime Minister also expressed his plans for empowering the youth of India by bridging startups and empowering them with the power to think creatively. 

" I am joining the youth of the startups around the world with my country's startup youth So that the global manpower is bridged during the student stage. Even if they are in small numbers, I am giving attention to it. I believe this approach will emerge as a power in the coming years," the Prime Minister said. 

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