Ayodhya Verdict: PM Modi's Top Quotes From His Address To The Nation

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PM Modi touched upon various aspects of the verdict, the history of the dispute, the historic decision by Supreme Court, the strong message 'Unity in Diversity'

Written By Pritesh Kamath | Mumbai | Updated On:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has addressed the nation in the aftermath of the much-awaited Supreme Court's judgement on the long-standing Ayodhya land title dispute. In his address, PM Modi touched upon various aspects of the verdict, the history of the dispute, the historic decision by Supreme Court, the strong message 'Unity in Diversity' sent by India to the world and the quest for a new and strong India.

Here are the top quotes by the Prime Minister on the day of the historic verdict:

  • Supreme Court has announced a judgement which had a long-standing history dating back to centuries ago. A legal process running from decades has come to conclusion today.
  • The whole world knows India as the largest democracy, but today, the world has witnessed how strong and alive our democracy is.
  • India is known for its 'Unity in Diversity' and we even take pride in it, but today, this 'Unity in Diversity' can be seen shining brightly.
  • During the hearing, the Supreme Court listened to everyone patiently, and it is a matter of extreme happiness that the verdict has come out with consensus.
  • Even a small dispute at home isn't easy to sort, this task is not an easy one, but Supreme Court has shown extreme dedication behind the verdict and hence our judges, our courts, and the legal system is to be credited for the historic judgement.

The analogy of Berlin wall compared to Kartarpur corridor and Ayodhya verdict:
Comparing the historic berlin wall demolition on this very day 30 years ago, PM Modi co-related it to today's Kartarpur Corridor and Ayodhya verdict. He said, "It was the November 9 when the berlin wall was collapsed and two opposing ideologies had come together to form a new unified goal. Today, on November 9, Kartarpur corridor was launched which was possible due to the cooperation of India as well as Pakistan. And after the Ayodhya verdict, the date of November 9 will go down in history as a guiding message to move forward in unison. Today's message is to unify and live together."

  • There is no place for fear, bitterness and negativity in the 'New India'.

Anything is possible and achievable:
PM Modi said, "The verdict by the Supreme Court has sent a strong message that everything comes under judiciary and law no matter how difficult the issue is. Today's verdict is great learning that things might take some time but with patience, anything and everything is possible and achievable."


 A new dawn in India:

PM Modi said, "Today's supreme court decision is a new dawn in India. Now we have to take an oath that the new generation should work on building a new India. Come let us make a new start and build a new India."

  • Now that the Supreme court has given the Ayodhya verdict, the nation has an even bigger responsibility of development. India has many Challenges, many goals to achieve and we will come together and move forward together to achieve our goals 

Everyone contribution and Everyone development and Everyone's trust (Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas) :

We have to work on our development in such a way that those walking with us shouldn't be left behind. We have to take everyone along with us on this journey. We have to make an all-round inclusive development and gain everyone's trust and keep moving forward.

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