PM Modi's 'tough Negotiator' Vs 'Art Of The Deal' Banter With Trump

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Prime Minister Modi was addressing a crowd of 50,00 people at the NRG stadium where he mentioned that President Trump is an expert in the art of negotiation

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PM Modi has delivered a speech in front of a historic strong crowd of 50,000 people at the NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas. In the speech, PM Modi mentioned how US President Donald Trump called him a 'tough negotiator' but he himself is an expert in the art of the deal. PM Modi said, “President Trump calls me a tough negotiator. But he himself is an expert in the art of the deal. I am learning a lot from him”.

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Achievements of both the leaders

PM Modi was addressing a crowd at the 'Howdy, Modi!' event which was attended by the President of the United States as well as multiple members of the US Congress, both Democrats and Republicans. PM Modi introduced President Trump, who gave a rousing speech on how the PM Modi has ensured that India progressed a few steps higher in the last five years as well as how he continues to do so. President Trump also mentioned multiple policies that have helped millions of Americans during his term in a better way. He focused on keeping illegal immigrants out of the country and also thanked Mexico's President Andres Obrador as he mentioned that as many as 27,000 troops were guarding the border to keep out illegal immigrants who were being unfair to the citizens of America; he also spoke about the immigrants who have entered the country in a legal manner and are paying the taxes and are 'obeying the rules'. 

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PM Modi spoke about a number of issues that have been a benefit to the citizens of India. He mentioned that millions of people now have access to washrooms, have gas connections in their households which has made lives simpler. The basic necessities of the people have been fulfilled so that they can now dream bigger and can have greater aspirations. PM Modi also said that filing Income Tax returns has become extremely simple for the people and that five million people filed their returns on just one day in August. 

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PM Modi resorted to some classic word-play as he specified the 'welfare' measures taken by his government and how they have bid 'farewell' to a number of old laws, practices, etc. PM Modi highlighted that the government will also bid farewell to open defecation on October 2.

PM Modi is on a week-long visit to the United States, where he will be attending a number of conferences by and events. He met with a group of 40 executives from energy companies and also met with Kashmiri Pandits. Later next week, he will address the United Nations General Assembly.

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