PM Modi's Viral Take On The Irony Of Fitness Apps And Home Gyms

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Adressing the gathering at Indira Gandhi stadium on Thursday while launching the Fit India Movement, PM Modi has highlighted contrast between earlier and now.

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Adressing the gathering at Indira Gandhi stadium on Thursday while launching the Fit India Movement, PM Modi has highlighted the contrast between earlier days and nowadays with respect to fitness. He said that technology has reduced our physical activities. Pointing the stark contrast of fitness apps and their usefulness, he said that people don't walk for fitness anymore. The Prime Minister was launching the nation-wide 'Fit India' movement on National Sports Day - 29 August, as announced on his Mann Ki Baat programme to spread awareness on fitness and staying healthy.

'Technology has reduced physical activity' : PM Modi

"In earlier times a man used to walk 8-10 kms easily. But with the increase in technology, physical activities have reduced. Nowadays, we walk less and the same technology tells us how many steps we have covered everyday. And we keep looking at our mobile phones to see that 5000 steps have not been covered yet. How many of you keep track of theses 5000-10000 steps?," he said.

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PM Modi on 'Fitness apps'

Rebuking people who do not walk the talk on fitness, PM Modi said that people claim not having sufficient time to focus on fitness. He added that people overeat while debating on dieting. He also shared the sorry state of home gyms. He claimed that some people buy gadgets to help them become fit, but forget to use it. 

"Many of you are aware and alert. But in the country, there are many who do not have the time to focus on their fitness. Some things have become a fashion statement. While dining with friends, some people eat more than required and debate about dieting. Such people talk about fitness in rheotoric and buy gadgets related to dieting. They keep such gadgets in the hope of doing dieting. They also have home gyms. But they have to employ people to clean the equipment as they do not use these equipment ever. Such people download fitness apps first. Then  they forget about these apps." he added.

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Swaasth and Swaarth

Earlier in his address, he said, "With changing times, the definition of fitness have changed. We were told that 'Through Health (Swaasth), tasks are successful.' But now we hear 'Selfishness (Swaarth) makes tasks successful.' To take back selfishness to health, a joint public movement has become necessary. While everyone knows that fitness is important, some are thinking what is the need for such a movement now? It is necesary more nowadays as our society has become indifferent to fitness."

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'Fit India' movement 

PM Modi had announced 'Fit India' movement on his Mann Ki Baat programme on August 5. He added that he wanted to see Indians fit. He also said that everyone should unite to set goals to make each other aware about fitness. He also said he awaited participation of people in the ‘Poshan Abhiyaan’ during the month of September and especially in the 'Swachhata Abhiyan' beginning from the 11th of September to the 2nd of October.

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