PM On US Visit: India’s Status Elevated, Looked At With More Respect 

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi hailed the Indian community that put up a grand 'Howdy Modi' event and for making India proud after he returned from the USA.

Written By Joel Kurian | Mumbai | Updated On:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi received a hero’s welcome as he returned to India after a successful visit to the United States of America this week. PM Modi hailed the Indians in Houston and Texas for the grand ‘Howdy Modi’ event, while asserting that Indians spread around the world had helped elevate the respect for India across the globe. The Prime Minister also said that the impact of the ‘Howdy Modi’ event was such that even other world leaders and officials in USA would greet him with ‘Howdy Modi’.  

PM hails Indian community

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Addressing a gathering that chanted, ‘Modi, Modi’ and held his placards outside the Palam airport in New Delhi, PM Narendra Modi said, “I bow my head to the 130 crore Indians, convey my regards and congratulations to them and thank them. Even after winning the 2014 elections, I had gone to the USA, for the United Nations summit and now I have gone again in 2019. However, the difference that I noticed in the eyes of the world and the world leaders, that respect towards India that has been elevated; and the main reason for it is the 130 crore Indians, who have elected, with a overwhelming majority, a new government. This strength of the democracy is very important in the world. And the tremendous magnitude of this importance is what I witnessed in America."

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"All the Indians spread out around the world have attained the love and respect of the respective countries; that also raises the glory of India. The ‘Howdy Modi’ event in Houston, be it its magnitude and grandeur or the arrival of the President, the display of India-USA equations was evident; but (this was arranged) in such a short time, by our brothers and sisters living in America; particularly my Houston brothers and sisters, Texas brothers and sisters, the power they displayed (was impressive), " PM continued.

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The Prime Minister further said, "There were Republican party leaders, Democrats were also there, President (Donald Trump) was also there, all the main officials of the White House. It was normal to hear praises from them, but when I reached New York and at the United Nations, where I met the leaders from around the world, every person would start by saying, ‘Howdy Modi’." 

"How Indians can create an impact on the world, how India win the hearts of the world, is something I witnessed and experienced myself. From this platform, I sincerely express my gratitude to all our Indian brothers and sisters in America. Today, India’s prestige is a topic spoken about in the world, and the way they look at India has also changed and respect has also heightened; and the credit for that, goes to our Indians spread across the globe.” 

Prime Minister’s address at the ‘Howdy Modi’ event, speech at the United Nations Climate Summit, interaction with various Indian delegations like Kashmiri Pandits, and his speech at the United Nations General Assembly on the last day, were some of the highlights of his visit. 

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