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"Political Situation Is Very Difficult, We Can't Say Who Will Be The Next PM," Says Ramdev Baba In Madurai

Written By Aishwaria Sonavane | Mumbai | Published:


  • Ramdev Baba refused to support or oppose any political entity
  • He said that he wants a spiritual India and world, not communal
  • Last month, Ramdev Baba said that SC is delaying the Ayodhya issue

Ramdev Baba while speaking to ANI in Madurai has declined an extension of his support to any political entity, further expressing on his idea to make India spiritual but not communal

While questioned about the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in the country, the founder of Patanjali said that he's unsure of who the next PM would be and that it is a complicated political scenario.  

He said, "Political situation is very difficult, we can't say who will be the next Prime Minister. I am not focusing on politics, I don't support or oppose anyone." 

Speaking of the controversial political scenario, Ramdev refuted claims to turn the country into a Hindu India.  

"We don't aim to make a communal or Hindu India, we want to make a spiritual India and world."

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A day before on Monday Baba Ramdev had accused veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah of conspiring to defame India, over the Bollywood actor's 'cow over cop' comment. 

"Along with Naseeruddin Shah all those people who earn fame, become celebrities, earn crores of money and then go talk ill about the country. They question the country and slander the country, this is a betrayal to the country." 

He hailed the prevalence of tolerance and freedom in the country and denounced Shah's to 'denounce' the country.  

"The amount of freedom and tolerance there is in India is not present in any other country. Despite this, pertaining to a few incidents, insulting the country is really bad. From Pakistan to all the other enemy states of the world they laugh at us."  

Ramdev said the Supreme Court is delaying the Ayodhya matter, adding that there is a need to bring an ordinance in the Parliament for the early construction of Ram Temple.

"The Supreme Court is delaying the matter. No hope is seen from that (SC) side. Only one option is left, that is to bring an ordinance in the Parliament to start construction of the temple. The process is statutory. If the temple was built without the Supreme Court's order or ordinance in the Parliament, then, the chances would be there that the law and order will get disrupted," he said.

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