Poster War: JDU Releases New Poster Titled "Thugs Of Bihar" With Lalu As Main Lead

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Bihar assembly elections are scheduled to be held in October 2020 but the poster war between the JDU and RJD has intensified. The JDU has released a new poster

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Bihar assembly elections are scheduled to be held in October 2020 but the poster war between JDU and RJD has already intensified. JDU has released a new poster titled "Thugs of Bihar" produced by 'LARA (LALU-RABRI) FILMS', with pictures of Lalu Yadav as part of the main cast. In the poster, there are pictures of carnage during Lalu Rabri regime, bad roads, gun-toting criminals, no infrastructure and deteriorating law and order.

'Thugs of Hindustan synonymous to Lalu regime'

Bihar Information and Public Relations Minister and JDU spokesperson Neeraj Kumar while attacking 15 years of Lalu Rabri tenure said, "I don't know who has put the posters but the feelings expressed in the poster is a reality of the Lalu regime in Bihar.

There was a movie called 'Thugs of Hindustan' which is synonymous to Lalu regime from 1990-2005, in which ransom for kidnapping, extortion and all this used to be settled at the top-level ruling the state. Auto-rickshaw drivers were harassed, there was no education system and Lalu Ji made 'charwaha vidyalaya' (cowherd's school) for the poor."

He added, "The feelings expressed in the posters are for Thugs in politics and the Lara films which have produced this movie is an expression of the resentment of people who faced the 'jungle raj' in Bihar during Lalu Rabri era of rule."

'People will let them know who is the real thug'

RJD which has also been responding to JDU with posters attacking Nitish Kumar and Sushil Modi questioned the JDU government with its involvement in multiple scams. RJD state President for Bihar, Jagdanand Singh, said, "The people of Bihar will let them know who is the real thug. Nitish Kumar looted the mandate in the name of 'mahagathbandhan' and joined hands with the BJP overnight. Nitish Kumar's government is involved in Srijan scam, shelter home rape scandal and the rise in crime graph is a cause of concern."

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After Delhi assembly elections, now the political focus would shift to Bihar, where elections are to be held in October 2020. This is the seventh poster released by JDU and the RJD has also responded every time. The aim of the JDU through posters is to create fear psychosis among the voters of the return of 'Jungle Raj' of Lalu-Rabri.

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