Pragya Thakur Argues With Flight Passengers Over Seat, Says "first Class Is My Right"

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BJP Member of Parliament Pragya Thakur engaged in a brawl with her co-passengers on board over allotment of a seat during a Delhi to Bhopal Spicejet flight. 

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In a brazen display of VIP culture, BJP's Pragya Thakur engaged in a brawl with her co-passengers on board over the allotment of a seat during a Delhi to Bhopal Spicejet flight. The BJP MP refused to move from a seat and insisted on sitting despite being requested by restless passengers, thus delaying and holding back the plane for 45 minutes. In a video doing the rounds of social media, people could be seen confronting Pragya Thakur and reminding her that she is a people's representative, thus her job is to not cause them trouble. 

In an airborne journey from Delhi to Bhopal, Pragya Thakur, who came to the flight in her own wheelchair, was asked to move from a seat that she had previously booked. Her allotted seat was in the emergency row which barred passengers in a wheelchair over security concerns.  However, defying the rules of the airplane, Pragya Thakur was heard saying, "I said it at the beginning itself -- show me your rulebook -- If I don't feel comfortable, I will go." To this, a co-passenger in response said, "You are people's representative. Your job is not to trouble us. You should come by the next flight." As the argument escalated further the BJP MP asserted that why would she be going where there is "no first class, no facilities", only to get a retort from him that "first-class is not her right."

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Defending her case, the BJP MP on Monday said, "I was traveling on a SpiceJet flight. I have a problem in my spinal cord & was allotted seat 1A which has leg space. I even paid extra for it. I was brought there in a wheelchair. Airhostess told me to not sit there, 2 more people told me that saying it's an emergency seat. But nowhere was it mentioned that it is an emergency seat.  I told them if it is a rule, then I will be provided the rule book. They didn't have a rule book." "Some passengers came and asked why is the flight being delayed. People thought I am showing off my VIP status but I was traveling like a normal passenger. I traveled in pain at the back and later complained to Bhopal Airport Director," Pragya Thakur added.

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Pragya Thakur files complaint

Pragya Thakur on Saturday filed a complaint here against private airline SpiceJet for allegedly denying her the seat she had booked during a Delhi-Bhopal flight. Thakur lodged the complaint with the director of the Raja Bhoj Airport here after arriving by flight SG 2489. PTI sources said that after landing in Bhopal, a peeved Thakur did not get down from the aircraft for some time. When reporters approached her outside the airport later, she alleged that the airline staff "does not behave properly with passengers"."They did not give me the booked seat. I asked them to show the rules. I called the director and lodged a complaint with him," she said. 

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