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Prakash Ambedkar Takes U-turn On Sanatan Dharma Remarks As Stalin Jr Remains Defiant

Ambedkar’s comments came amid the ongoing controversy that erupted after Udhayanidhi Stalin compared Sanatan Dharma to diseases like "Malaria and Dengue."

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Mahima Joshi
Sanatan Dharma

Vanchit Bahujan Aghadi president Prakash Ambedkar | Credit: PTI

Hours after former MP and Vanchit Bahujan Aghadi President Prakash Ambedkar sparked controversy by equating 'Sanatan Dharma' to 'untouchability’, he has now taken a U-turn on his statement and issued a clarification stating that he just raised a question, but people are creating controversy out of it. Ambedkar’s comments came amid the ongoing controversy that erupted after Udhayanidhi Stalin, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin’s son, compared Sanatan Dharma to diseases like "Malaria and Dengue." 

In an exclusive conversation with Republic, the former Lok Sabha MP said, “I have just raised a question on social media, are we still living in the era where Sanatan Dharma was equivalent to untouchables. I don’t know why people are creating controversy and trolling me.”

After Ambedkar’s clarification, massive criticism erupted over his social media post in which he equated “Sanatan Dharma” with “untouchability”.

Udhayanidhi stands firm on 'Sanatan' views

Udhayanidhi sparked controversy on Saturday (September 2) after he stated that Sanatan Dharma is not in accordance with the concept of social justice and should be “eliminated.” His comments evoked massive criticism from the BJP. "I thank the organisers of this conference for giving me the opportunity to deliver a special address. You have kept the name of the conference as 'Sanatana Abolition Conference' rather than 'Anti-Sanatana Conference', I appreciate that. Few things cannot be opposed and needs to be abolished only.” 

“We can't oppose Dengue, Mosquitoes, Malaria, or Corona, we have to eradicate them, that's how we have to eradicate Sanatana. Rather than opposing Sanatan, it should be eradicated. The name Sanatana is from Sanskrit. It is against Social Justice and equality.” 

Even after facing nationwide outrage over his remark, Udhayanidhi stood firm on his views and said that he stands by what he said. "I will stick to my views," he said while talking to the Republic. "I don't care what the BJP leaders have to say about me," he added.

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