Prakash Javadekar Described 100 Days Of Modi 2.0's Govt As 'historic'

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Prakash Javadekar described 100 days of Modi 2.0 as 'historic and 'landmark', praised govt for decisions on the removal of Article 370& reforms in traffic rules

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Prakash Javadekar

The high penalties as part of the Motor Vehicles Act have found support in the form of Union MInister Prakash Javadekar. The Union Minister said that this move will ensure "good road safety behaviour by all in the next five months and that high penalties are the reason why developed countries are safe to travel". The amendments made to the Motor Vehicle Act came into effect from September 1. Notably, there were 63 clauses added to the new Bill with an increase in fine for drunken driving, raised from ₹500 to ₹10,000 and for driving without a license from ₹500 to ₹5,000 amongst others.

The economic slowdown is a 'cyclical' process

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The Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, talking about the economy said there is “no panic” situation and the foundation of the Indian economy is strong. The Union Minister added that this slowdown is a cyclical process and as such “will not hurt the country’s progress rate.” Javadekar, responding to questions over 100 days of the Modi government, said: "the world over, there is a slowdown which also impacts markets here and people's behaviour changes". Javadekar added, “therefore, we should not be worried too much. The government is responding to whatever actions are immediately necessary. This is a temporary phase and not a direction of a real slowdown.”

Javadekar fires back at Gandhi

Modi’s government has completed 100 days after coming to power for a second consecutive term with a wide gap over the opposition. Javadekar shot back at criticisms made by Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, "this speed, the Congress had never witnessed. Therefore, I don't have to say anything on their comment," Javadekar said. Gandhi, on Sunday, had called out the Modi government and said that there was a obvious lack of leadership, direction and plans to turnaround the "ravaged economy". Taking a shot of his own, Gandhi also "congratulated" the Modi government on 100 days of "no development".

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Javadekar retorted to Rahul Gandhi's statement saying: "Those who are not to be seen in 90 out of 100 days, how can I react on their comment. Whether the government worked, the world has witnessed. The prime minister's Independence Day speech, his speech to the Motion of Thanks to the President's Address in Parliament, laws which have been passed, the way things have changed and decisions implemented.” The Union Minister added that sometimes, the slowdown is a cyclical process. "The fundamentals of the Indian economy are so strong and they are not being disturbed," the Minister said.

'India received FDI more than China'

Prakash Javadekar, defending the Indian economy, said, last year India received more Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) than China, "Our domestic economy is on a strong footing and many new industries (are coming up), because of the good governance model and the rules, which have been changed for foreign investment. We are expecting there will be more and more foreign investment, and more and more domestic demand," he added. The Union Minister said that the net income of farmers will double up as per Modi’s 2022 mandate. He also tweeted, “India is World's largest input assistance program of its kind”:

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"Employment is a function of the economy... You used to file reports that there is no recruitment in universities. It was the decision of the court. Recruitment of 5,000 teachers and professors will be completed this month," the Union Minister stated, adding that a driving economy faces its’ own set of problems and comes out with new answers. To a question on the recent decision to merge banks, Javadekar said if mergers are carried out in a systematic way, it helps because there is a synergy of expertise. "This a right step in the right direction".

'Landmark' and 'historic' achievements of the Modi Government

The removal of Article 370, steps on economy and action against the corrupt are “landmark” and “historic” achievements of the Modi government within its first 100 days, Union Minister Prakash Javadekar told reporters on Sunday. The removal of Article 370 and 35A see the bifurcation of the states of Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh. Bifurcation would also mean the individual upliftment of Jammu and Ladakh, which have been collateral in terms of suffering on the development front because of the constant cross border terrorism in Kashmir, by Pakistan backed terror outfits.  Along with that, following the motion to revoke Article 370 in the Rajya Sabha, comes another huge development in the Jammu and Kashmir issue. The Government of India is planning a massive investment summit in Kashmir in October, sources say, and the idea is anyone who wants to invest there, build an industry can buy property now and do so.

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The complete Press Conference by Union Minister Prakash Javadekar on completion of 100 days of the Government

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