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Pregnancy FAQs Amid Coronavirus: Expecting Mother Expetiencing Tiredness? Answers Here

Amid Coronavirus crisis, two top doctors while speaking exclusively with the Republic Media Network answered questions about pregnancy.

In view of the national lockdown amid the Coronavirus crisis, two top gynecologists while speaking exclusively with the Republic Media Network answered questions related to pregnancy and for those who are or know someone expecting at this time. Dr Nandita Palshetkar, President, Federation of Obstetricians and Gynaecological Societies of India, and Dr Sangeeta Sinha, Associate Professor, Patna Medical college answered the questions by viewers. 

List of FAQs

Here are the list of questions and answers over pregnancy during COVID-19:

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Q1.  When a woman three months pregnant feels hungry and tired while doing normal daily chores what precautions must be taken? 

Answer: Dr Sangeeta Sinha said, " Feeling hungry and tired is very much the signs of pregnancy. Give her good food, additional nutrition, good calories, good rest. With daily chores, the people in the house can help her. Eight hours of sleep and two hours rest in the afternoon." She further added that scanning can be avoided for a month and ultrasound is not an emergency at present. 

Q2. If a woman is seven-week pregnant and feels extremely tired, the doctor suggested having folic acid, how to deal with the issue?

Answer: Dr Sangeeta Sinha said, "Weakness is a common sign during the seventh week." She suggested taking adequate rest, good food. The doctor further added that "All the ultrasound can wait for a month. Don't get usually anxious about ultrasound. Social distancing imp. Folic acid can be taken." 

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Q3. If in the first stage of pregnancy a woman is going through the treatment of vitamin B12 injection but due to the coronavirus they cannot visit the hospital what alternative can be done?

Answer: Dr Palshetkar said, "In the first trimester if the woman has a B12 deficiency, switch to oral tablets. She ha already taken a couple of injections so switching to oral tablets would do." She added, "What the All India Federation guidelines suggest is that we can do sonographies at 12 weeks, 19 weeks and 32 weeks. If in your city, they are taking proper precautions during the ultrasound, it may be feasible to go. But you need to weigh the pros and cons."

Further, the doctor suggested that mental health is the most important point during pregnancy. The immunity is boosted with positive energy, exercise and good mental health, said Dr Palshetkar. 

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