Protesters Disrupt, Create Ruckus At Muslim Rashtriya Manch's Pro-CAA Event

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As Muslim Rashtriya Manch was holding a public event to explain the provisions of CAA at Delhi, the meeting was disrupted by a mob shouting anti-CAA slogans

Written By Rishabh Mishra | Mumbai | Updated On:

As a Muslim organisation affiliated to RSS, Muslim Rashtriya Manch was holding a public address to explain the provisions of Citizenship (Amendment) Act at New Delhi on Thursday, the event was interrupted by a mob that rose up to shout anti-CAA slogans.

This unfolded immediately after the margdashak of the Muslim Rashtriya Manch, Indresh Kumar climbed on the stage. The spokesperson and the National Media Incharge-Muslim Rashtriya Manch, Yaser Jilani condemned the attack. 

Yaser Jilani claimed that these anti-CAA protesters were hiding in the crowd and they had planned the sudden agitation to disrupt the event. Visuals show Indresh Kumar entering the stage and hugging the panellists. As soon as this happens, around five people stood up with ‘Reject CAA, NRC, NPR’ pamphlets and started chanting slogans. 

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Yaser Jilani on ruckus at MRM event 

Talking about the people who could be behind the disruption of the event, Jilani said, “This was a life-threatening attack on Indresh Kumar. This was a planned attack by the agents of Vadra-Congress, who sell a religion. They are selling a religion in the name of Biryani in Shaheen Bagh. They are trying to run a religion through the women’s shoulder in Shaheen Bagh, the attackers were none other than these people." 

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Disregarding the attack and the attackers, Jilani added, “Believe me, if you attack a person who is like a messiah, who works for the rights of Muslims, you are not respecting your religion. Nothing is more shameful than this act. We condemn this attack.” 

Yaser Jilani further stated, “You can see the video footage. First, these people hid their faces behind caps and beards. They did this so no one could recognize them. After you came inside, you tried to attack a person during the event. You are betraying your nation and your religion by doing this. If something would have happened to our messiah, what would have Indian Muslims done?” 

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Anti-CAA protests at Shaheen Bagh 

An indefinite protest at Shaheen Bagh had started on December 15 with people demanding that the government withdraw the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and a possible pan-India National Register of Citizens (NRC). ]

On Wednesday, hundreds of Sikh farmers from Punjab joined the anti-citizenship law protestors at South East Delhi's Shaheen Bagh. They prepared ‘langar’ or the holy meal for the people who have been indefinitely protesting in the place.   

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