Punjab CM Captain Amarinder Singh Welcomes The Conviction Of Sajjan Kumar In 1984 Verdict

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Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh, on Monday, welcomed the conviction of Sajjan Kumar in the 1984 anti-Sikh riots case.

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Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh, on Monday, welcomed the conviction of Sajjan Kumar in the 1984 anti-Sikh riots case. He termed the verdict a case of justice 'delivered'. He also added that Sajjan was named by one of the victims he had met in the refugee camp. The Chief Minister took to Twitter and wrote:

Earlier in the day, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley while talking to Republic TV said:

"There were some leaders of the Congress party who were the Instigators-In-Chief as far as the 1984 riots and the killings and genocides against Sikhs community was concerned. Every resident of Delhi knew what the hard facts are. In locality after locality, it was Congress leaders who were instigative and leading the mob into killing people. Now, this kind of killing was unparalleled and a community to be targeted in this manner, Which had a huge patriotic record in this country's history is completely incomprehensive. And to cover up for this killing, a political rational was given by the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. Thereafter commissions and inquiries were appointed which tried to cover up the whole operation. The trials and investigations were all collusive in character and the '1984 killings', the issue never got a closer because the sense in the community itself and the sense of fair Indians was that the Justice is not been done. It was during Mr Vajpayee's government that he appointed a commission headed by Justice G.T. Nanavati, which police station-wise serialised the kind of violence that had taken place in each jurisdiction. Thereafter a SIT was appointed by the government headed by Mr. Modi and finally, some of these cases are now coming to a closer. You had in the last few months, some cases which has moved further where people have been given death sentences and finally a conviction has taken place of a person who was a very very major symbol of the 1984 genocide against the Sikh community. I think this is a delayed justice but it is justice nonetheless. The people had to wait for political changes twice over in this country so that justice could be delivered to them. I think it's a vindication for fairness, of accountability and of truth. The Congress had only lip sympathy for this issue. So, when confronted they would say that violence is bad, riots were bad and we are sorry that this happened. But effectively after 1984 they gave tickets for contesting to people who were involved in 1984 and they became parliamentarian and some of them became ministers. It comes on a day when one of them is being sworn in as the Chief Minister".       

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Earlier in the day, the Delhi High Court reversed the trial court's decision to acquit Sajjan Kumar in the 1984 anti-Sikh riots, awarding life term and Rs 5 lakh fine to the Congress leader for his role in the heinous crime, and ordering him to surrender before the end of 2018. 

Stating that the crime which took place 34 years ago was an act against humanity, the judge pronounced that it was a failure of police and their failure to record FIR and daily diary registrar. All the accused in the case have been found guilty.

The judge, while reading out the judgment, had stated that the accused in the 1984 riots had escaped trial having enjoyed political patronage. 

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