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Puri Police Busts Fake COVID RT-PCR Test Racket; Arrests 12 People Including 4 Devotees

The Puri Police on Friday busted a racket, in which Fake RT-PCR test reports were being provided to the devotees, who wanted to visit the Jagannath Puri Temple.

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The Puri Police on Friday busted a racket, in which Fake RT-PCR test reports were being provided to the devotees who wanted to visit the Jagannath Puri Temple in Odisha. The Police nabbed twelve, including the mastermind of the Fake-RTPCR test report racket. 

Four devotees and eight accused of running the racket were arrested in the operation. The accused illegally forged the COVID test reports under the label of Puri Hospitals and provided those fake RT-PCR tests to the devotees, who came to visit the sacred Puri temple, the police said. 

Puri Police busts a fake RT-PCR test racket

In a tweet, the Puri Police released a statement on the issue and wrote, “Using Fake RTPCR Reports for getting entry in Shree Jagannath Temple - Total 12 accused persons including master-mind have been nabbed in 3 different cases. More arrests are likely. Police will continue Stern legal action against anyone indulging in such malpractices.”

According to the statement, three cases have been filed in connection with the disclosure, two by the Singhadwar Police Department and one by the Kumbharpada Police Department. The statement read,

“Recently inputs were received that few devotees are trying to enter Shree Jagannath Temple by showing fake RTPCR reports. Stern legal action has been initiated by Police after due enquiry.”

The Singhadwar Police detained four people after an investigation, including two Madhya Pradesh-based devotees. The other accused persons are Puri residents, who assisted the two MP devotees in obtaining the forged RT-PCR reports. One more suspect in the case has escaped.

The Kumbharpada police detained three people in another case, including a devotee who was attempting to enter the shrine using a false RT-PCR report. The accused devotee is from Chattisgarh. The other two suspects were Puri residents who assisted the Chhattisgarh tourist in obtaining the forged RT-PCR report, the police said in the statement. 

Five people, including a devotee from Angul district, have been arrested based on a complaint filed by the Singhadwar police in yet another case. Meanwhile, Puri police said that the names of the detained suspects have been kept hidden since the investigation into the 'sensitive' case is still ongoing. In addition, the articles used to create the false COVID unfavourable reports are currently being analysed.

The Police also said,

“Several incriminating articles, including computer have been seized and further seizure is in progress. Top priority is being given to such cases and stern legal action taken against all the accused persons involved. More arrests are likely. The names of all accused persons have been withheld considering the sensitivity of the case. Puri Police appeals to all to not indulge in any malpractices when coming for Darshan of Lord Jagannath.”

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