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Rahul Gandhi Writes Open Letter To India's Students, Congress Declares Itself Their Champion

Written By Monica Aggarwal | Mumbai | Published:


  • Rahul Gandhi wrote an open letter to the students of India in which Congress termed itself as their champion

Congress president Rahul Gandhi, on Thursday, wrote an open letter to the 'students of India' in which the party has termed itself as the 'champion' of the students.

Taking to Twitter, NSUI (National Students' Union of India), student wing of the Indian National Congress posted the open letter in which Rahul Gandhi wrote:

"In my travels across India, I am constantly awed by the energy and dynamism of our student community. Every young person is unique but there is one thing common to all of you: you are nation builders." 

NSUI in-charge and AICC Junior Secretary, Rushi Gupta, in another letter posted on social media, stated 'Congress President writes letter to students of India: Students are nation builders; Congress party their champion.

"Rahul Gandhi, Congress President wrote an open letter to the students of India promising to be their champion. In the letter, Rahul Gandhi says that students are nation-builders, because nations today forge ahead not with war but with advances in science, technology, art and literature and with the embrace of rationality and justice": read the letter.

Take a look at the tweet here: 

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Earlier, Rahul Gandhi grabbed the headlines after his video from an election rally went viral in which he was heard saying Kumbhakaran Lift Yojana instead of Kumbha Ram Lift Yojana. 

While addressing the rally, Rahul Gandhi inadvertently said, "Ashok Gehlot ji gave the money for the 'Kumbhakaran Lift Yojana.' Soon after he says that someone off camera corrected him and then he said that he meant 'Kumbha Ram Lift Yojana.' This statement went viral on the social media with netizens posting hilaious reactions to it. 

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