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'Rahul Gandhi's Gotra Is Dattatreya', Says Priest From A Pushkar temple, Answering Sambit Patra's Question

Written By Apoorva Rao | Mumbai | Published:


  • A priest from a Pushkar temple on Tuesday has said that Rahul Gandhi stated that his Gotra is Dattatreya Gotra.
  • He also said that the Gandhis are Kashmiri Brahmins and are Kauls, and their Gotra is Dattatreya.

A priest from a Pushkar temple in Rajasthan said on Monday that Rahul Gandhi's Gotra is Dattatreya. He said that Gandhi stated his Gotra while performing a puja. He also said that the Gandhis (Rahul Gandhi's family) are Kashmiri Brahmins and are Kauls, and their Gotra is Dattatreya.

"Rahul Gandhi is a Kashmiri Brahmin. His family has been coming to this temple for generations. Gandhis are Kashmiri Brahmins and are Kauls, and their Gotra is Dattatreya. I have the information on the generations of the family written down," he said.

He also said that Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Sanjay Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi have all visited the temple. He said that the Nehru surname comes from a place in Allahabad.

With the 2019 polls getting nearer, the identity politics which is being played between the parties, has increased.

BJP national spokesperson Dr Sambit Patra in October had demanded that Rahul Gandhi reveal his 'Gotra'. He was reacting to Shashi Tharoor's comment where the Congress MP made an unsourced analogy calling PM Modi 'a scorpion sitting on Shivling which is difficult to set aside'.

"Ujjain ja rahe Rahul Gandhi ji se hum poochna chahte hain ki aap janaeu-dhari hain? Aap kaise janaeu-dhari hain, kya Gotra hai aapka? (Rahul Gandhi is going to Ujjain. I want to know if he is Janaeu-dhari. I want to know what kind of Janaeu-dhari is he. What is your Gotra?)," said BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra in Indore.

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On Monday, former UPA union minister Vilasrao Muttemwar questioned Modi on his father and his family history.

"What accountability are you (Modi) seeking? If you are seeking accountability, first you should reveal your history. Who knew you before you became the Prime Minister? Even today nobody knows your father's name. Everyone knows Rahul's father's name -- Rajiv Gandhi. Everyone knows Rajiv Gandhi's mother's name -- Indira Gandhi. Everyone knows Indira's father's name - Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. And everyone knows Motilal Nehru is the father of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Everyone knows five generations. But this Narendra? Nobody knows his father's name."

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