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Rajasthan BTP MLA Dindor Slaps Doctor On Duty Over Unconfirmed Suspicions Of Bribery

In a brazen misuse of power, Bharatiya Tribal Party MLA Ram Prasad Dindor from Rajasthan slapped Dr Rohit Labana based on rumoured charges of taking bribes

In a shocking incident, Bharatiya Tribal Party (BTP) MLA Ram Prasad Dindor from Rajasthan slapped a Doctor, Rohit Labana, during a hospital inspection. According to sources, MLA Ram Prasad Dindor was inspecting Sagwara State Government Hospital when he slapped the doctor on duty. Dindor, while defending his actions, said that he was told about complaints of Dr Labana taking bribes from the patients. 

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MLA Ram Prasad Dindor said, "I was just trying to explain to him that taking bribes from the patients is not right, We are trying to stop injustice against people and making sure that when they come to the hospital, they have access to all the facilities and services without any difficulty."

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Rajasthan BTP MLA slaps doctor on duty

Speaking further, the Rajasthan MLA said that at times when people do not understand one has to to say something or take action against it. 'Bharatiya Tribal Party does not intend to insult people, we just to make sure that the doctor behaves rightly with the patients,' he added.

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Sources, however, informed that the BTP MLA slapped the doctor based on rumours and did not even enquire about the matter. Meanwhile, Dr Labana said that Dindor did not give him a chance to explain himself. 

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