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Rajinikanth Had Special Message For Hyderabad Hospital Staff On His Recovery In Their Care

Actor Rajinikanth had a special message for the Hyderabad hospital staff under whose care he recovered after being admitted a few days ago.

Rajinikanth had special message for Hyderabad hospital staff as he recovered under them

Rajinikanth is on his way to full recovery after his ill-health gave his fans a scare recently. The superstar credited the team of doctors and staff of the Hyderabad hospital he was treated at after he was discharged a few days ago. Conveying his gratitude to the healthcare staff, he also wished them greetings for New Year.

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Rajinikanth’s message to staff at Hyderabad hospital 

In a video posted by Apollo Hospitals, Rajinikanth can be heard saying, “I am extremely happy. I am going with good health, peace of mind with God’s grace.”

The 2.0 star also highlighted the ‘excellent maintenance, excellent staff’ and ‘everything’ and urged them to ‘keep it up.’

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Rajinikanth had been admitted to the hospital on December 25 for monitoring of his blood pressure levels. The incident had happened right after four members of the crew of his film Annaatthe had tested positive for COVID-19. He had tested negative for coronavirus.

The 70-year-old has been advised one-week rest as per his post-kidney transplant status, labile hypertension and age. 

Rajinikanth backtracks on political party launch 

Rajinikanth also decided not to launch his party, after revealing earlier this month that he was set to make the announcement on it on December 31. Citing ‘low immunity’ and COVID-19, he stated that he did not want to take up a responsibility that he 'will not be able to fullfil.' He, however, promised that he will do whatever he could as per his capacity to help the people on Tamil Nadu.

“I regret to inform that I cannot enter politics. I alone know the pain I went through while announcing this decision. I will do whatever I can for the public. But I apologise, I cannot start a party. I have always spoken the truth, and I am speaking the truth now as well,” his open letter in Tamil on December 29 read.

"I know that I might upset a lot of my fans, party members and well-wishers with this decision but I don’t want to ruin the lives of thousands and lakhs by picking up something I cannot fulfil. Despite the vaccine promise, it is still not the right time to be out in public and put many lives in danger. My immunity is also low," Rajininakth wrote.

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