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Republic Summit 2018 | "Terrorism Is Going To Stay Forever, But We Can Defeat It," Says Israel's Brigadier General Nuriel

Written By Aishwaria Sonavane | Mumbai | Published:


  • Israel's Brigadier General Nitzan Nuriel said that they will use good technology and intelligence to capture terrorists
  • He pointed out that we are in a huge debate between Human Rights and right to live

Former COAS Gen Bikram Singh and Israel's Brigadier General Nitzan Nuriel in the second-panel discussion at the Republic Summit 2018 discuss on the hard solutions to combat global terrorism.

Questioned by retired Major Gaurav Arya about the presence of global terrorism, General Nuriel shared the two aspects of terrorism.

He said, "I have good news and bad news, which all share together. Bad news is that terrorism is going to stay with us forever. Unfortunately, this is something that becomes an issue that too many states are using terrorism as a tool in order to achieve their political goal."

"The good news here that we are stronger than that and that we are going to win. I cannot see any situation that terrorism can defeat us. I think the main issue regarding Israel's stand on terrorism is going into the deep need to be able to defend it," he added.

Nobody is going to fight for us and fortunately there too many enemies who want to destroy India. I don't want to compete with India. In every way, you are much better than us. We need to be atleast one step ahead of our enemies.

Speaking of terrorism as a whole, and speaking of the contrasting issues faced by India and Israel he said, "You cannot compare between Israel and India, that is not because of the size but sometimes the problems are not the same and challenges are not the same. But yes we can learn from each other, share technology, which we are doing and I'm proud to be a part of it."

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Identifying radicalisation to be a global-concern and elucidating on the efficient ways to curb terrorism, General Nuriel said, "We know why and what we're fighting for, and this is very crucial. If we don't know what and why we are fighting for then you can try to find some excuses to lay down or avoid to take risks. We are walking close to the legal system, we are running after the bad guys. When they move forward and become a ticking bomb we will intercept them. We will use good technology and intelligence in order to capture them, to avoid Israeli casulties. The main aim of the Israeli security forces is the security and safety of the people of Israel. Above all, the enemy needs to know, we are not going to rest or lay down till they give up. We have no choice but to step ahead of the enemy." 

Elaborating on Human Rights and the measures of combat terrorism, Israeli General Nuriel told Major Gaurav Arya, "I believe we are living in a period where we are in a huge debate between Human Rights and the right to live. And I belong to those who believe that the right to live is bigger than Human Rights and we need to give up on some of our Human Rights to be able to fight terrorism."

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"Radicalisation is a problem around the world in different societies. The internet has become a worldwide tool that could be used for everything and that is a huge challenge for us," he added.