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REVEALED: On Day That Pak Air Force Attempted To Attack India In J&K, IAF Also Foiled Another 10-12 Fighter Attempt In Rajasthan

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:

The Pakistan Air Force's attempt to violate India's airspace and attack India's military installations in Jammu and Kashmir on the day following the precision strike on Pakistan's terror factories - i.e. on February 27 - wasn't the only one that day, Republic TV has learnt.

Apart from that incursion in which the ingress point was Sunderbani and an aerial-battle took place in the skies above the Lam Valley in Nowshera, Pakistan also attempted to enter India's airspace at the Anupgarh area of Rajasthan but was similarly thwarted.

As per Republic TV's inputs, the package of the Pakistan Air Force comprised 10-12 fighter jets - different from the 24 fighter jets further up North, but the IAF's state of alertness at the time forced them to turn back.

Meanwhile, in Nowshera that day, Pakistan's large squadron was intercepted by India's fighters from the area, including MIG-21 Bisons, SU-30s and Mirage-2000s. Of these, the 4-strong MiG-21 Bison patrol above Srinagar of which IAF Wing Commander Abhinandan was a part were the first to arrive and engaged the PAF fighters despite being outnumbered, and succeeded in breaking the enemy's formation.

At that point, a fierce dogfight ensued in which Wing Commander Abhinandan shot down a Pakistani F-16, before he was tailed by two Pakistani aircraft and finally taken down by Pakistani ground fire, ejecting and landing across the LoC and falling into Pakistani hands.

Meanwhile, top sources have also told Republic TV of a third Pakistani attempt at violating India's airspace, this time on Monday, at  11:30 am. The ingressing craft was a UAV and was shot down as soon as it entered the Rajasthan border as the IAF scrambled its jets and took it down with an air-to-air missile.