Rola Cola The Iconic 90's Candy Is Back In The Market, Confirms Parle

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Parle products have decided to bring back one of its most popular products from the 90's the Rola Cola Candy. Parle also announced the return on Twitter

Written By Nisha Qureshi | Mumbai | Updated On:
Rola Cola

Parle products have decided to bring back one of their most popular products from the 90's the Rola Cola Candy. Confirming the development, the company also announced the candy's comeback on Twitter. This news has left netizens across India excited. The company had also announced an innovative campaign for the return of the product.

Parle announces an innovative campaign

B Krishna Rao, Sr. Category Head - Marketing, Parle Products, earlier said that consumers can expect Rola Cola to be back on the shelves in 75 days.  The company had also come up with an interesting marketing campaign revolving around Rola Cola. The company had tweeted that 10K retweets of its tweet can revive the candy that was last produced in 2006. 

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Netizens reacting to Rola Cola's revival

Even the people who did not get a chance to taste candy in their childhood are eager for the candy’s return

Twitter user starts a thread demanding the candy's return

Twitter user Siddharth Sai G who first tweeted to Parle Products requesting them to make the candy again is eager to have his Rola Cola back. In fact, he wanted to gather 10K tweets supporting the return and has also taken up the challenge to crowdsource the tweets. Sai started a Twitter thread and tweeted a picture of the popular candy and tagged the company Parle asking how many retweets would it would take for the candy to hit the market.

Parle’s decision to bring back the candy on the request of customers also shows how brands can have an exceptional relationship with their customers

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