RSS' Mohan Bhagwat Says It's A Fact That Hindustan Is 'Hindu Rashtra'

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Mohan Bhagwat asserted that this idea did not come from RSS, but that it is a fact that 'Hindustan is Hindurashtra.'

Written By Aishwaria Sonavane | Mumbai | Updated On:

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat while addressing in the national capital claimed that India eternally has been a Hindu Rashtra, whisking yet another controversy. He asserted that this idea did not come from RSS, but that it is a fact that 'Hindustan is Hindurashtra.'

The stunning claim by the Mohan Bhagwat came during his address at a book launch of 'The RSS: Roadmap for the 21st century.' The RSS chief also said that while a lot changed in India, but the fact that it is a 'Hindu Rashtra' did not change, further adding that they don't have a 'problem with diversity'

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RSS chief said, "Everything can change except the fact that 'Hindustan' is a 'Hindu Rashtra.' Because Hindustan being a Hindu Rashtra is not something someone thought of. This has been the way from the beginning. Such a thing has not come from RSS. Neither did we make Hindus, nor India, this is what we have inherited and what we have been getting from the last thousand years or so. this is a fact of life and that's why we cannot change anything. The situation changed in India a lot but this thing did not change." 

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"Dr. Hedgewar studied this. He also pointed out that this phenomenon could change only if a person denounces that he is a Hindu and doesn't consider India as his motherland. This will continue to be a Hindu Rashtra. What is ideology here then? We are not bound by any ideology or so. It is true that we have been a nation since times immemorial and our nation has got its own identity. We look like a diverse nation, it can't have a single identity. Everything is diverse. Language, region everything is diverse and it has been so. Originally, there has been diversity and there have been some outsiders. We have no problem with that. Wherever there are outsiders around the world, either they were purged or got adapted. We did not do any such thing here as we are not afraid. We accept all of them as our own. Our nation is of unity and it understands the unity in diversity," Mohan Bhagwat added.  


On September 23, RSS came under criticism after chief Mohan Bhagwat, in a closed-door meeting in West Bengal's Kolkata asserted that 'not a single Hindu will have to leave the country.' As per PTI, an RSS functionary "Mohan Bhagwatji has clearly said that not a single Hindu will have to leave this country. He said that Hindus, who came to India after being tortured and persecuted in other nations, will stay."

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